Video Marketing For Business

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Video Marketing For Business

As a digital marketing technique, Videos can communicate what words and images cannot. Videos are hugely popular – according to YouTube over 3 billion videos are viewed a day and more than half of daily internet users will watch a video of some sort – so businesses need to make video marketing a part of their overall marketing strategy. Businesses … Read More

Why You Should Have A Blog For Your Business?

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Why You Should Have A Blog For Your Business

How often do you search on the internet to find the answer to a question? For example “should I be a limited company or register as a sole trader” or “how can I create a garden that requires little maintenance” or “which are the best tools to manage my time better on social media” or “is there a cure for … Read More

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business?

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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business

Are you struggling to effectively market your business? Are you overwhelmed by social media? Are you frustrated about getting traffic to the website? Then Pinterest may be the perfect solution! Pinterest is extremely viral with over 80% of pins being repinned (retweets are less than 5%), which means your exposure can be huge. The simple and visual nature of Pinterest … Read More

13+ Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks For Businesses

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social media tips and tricks

As one of the digital marketing techniques, social media is a cost-effective marketing method that can help businesses to boosts brand awareness and generate leads. Businesses should make social media a part for their marketing strategy as most customers today are online on various social networks. Also, by building a social media presence for their business, companies can keep their … Read More

21+ Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy requires an investment in time and energy. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to think creatively and be innovative. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to social media. It takes time to establish relationships and build engagement and trust with your followers. Think of it like joining a business networking group: how … Read More

10 essential things to do after buying a domain name

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Mamba Media New Business

You have made the leap and decided to start your own business. You know what you want to do and what you are going to call yourself. So what next, how do you get online? First things first, you have to register your domain name. Once you have that perfect domain name secured you can crack on, because registering your domain … Read More

Why Everyone In Your Company Needs Social Media Training

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Your biggest advocate is your own team.  Despite having your best asset at your own disposal,  social media and communications is so often considered the role of the marketer and companies fail to realise the benefits of getting employees across the company to promote the business message. What are the benefits of getting all employees involved in social media? Too … Read More