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Why should every law firm have a well-designed and optimised website?

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Why should every law firm have a well-designed and optimised website?

When Attorney Sluice conducted a survey researching the ways people were finding law firms and lawyers, they observed that around 80% of clients said they would look up the attorney’s online reviews. Moreover, 48% of people participating in the study said that they would begin their search for a law firm online. These two statistics emphasise the need for an online presence. Now, there are several ways of establishing an online presence.

One way to establish an online presence includes creating a Google My Business profile where you can share information about your businesses. While this offers prospective clients a quick look at your law firm, they need to be directed to a platform where they can find more detailed information, such as:

  • Your law firm’s background, specialisation, and values.
  • Detailed information about the services provided by your law firm.
  • Contact information such as emails, phone numbers, a contact form, and physical location shared with a map.
  • Helpful resources such as blogs and case studies that can help them.

A typical website design created by a dedicated developer includes all these features. So, in this guide, we’ll share a few additional benefits of a law firm website, explaining how creating a website is crucial to a law firm’s success.

A] How A Website Can Help You Get More Cases

1. Offers A More Effective Way To Find Clients For Law Firm

Today, building a website is synonymous with establishing an online presence. Once your law firm has a presence on the internet, people looking for law firms are bound to find their way to you, and we’ll see how this unfolds.

Search engines such as Google and Bing act as a gateway to reach your website, which is why it is essential to build a SEO-friendly law firm website. SEO-friendly websites are nothing but professional websites that offer value to the visitors.

In simple words, your law firm website should be beneficial to your prospective clients. They should offer them some solutions.

When you build a website centred around your client’s needs, offering them solutions to their problems, you’ll attract quality clients. Quality clients are clients that are actively seeking out services of a law firm. Your website will help you find them.

Additionally, a SEO-friendly website also adheres to search engine web standards which increases its chances of ranking higher in the search results.

An SEO-friendly website design is one factor to get your law firm to rank higher on search engines. You also have to enrich it with valuable content, such as blogs and case studies, that can help convince the client that you are offering authoritative content.

A professional website that shares valuable content can help attract visitors and bring clients to your website. If the clients find the information on your website useful. They’ll reach out to your law firm through the contact information provided on your website.

2. A Law Firm Website Can Build Credibility & Trust

The digital revolution has changed the way people conduct their business. This includes client and customer behaviour and the way they go about looking for information.

Our statistics have already shed some light on this behaviour, stating that around 48% will look for a business website online. Even if people find out about your law firm through a reference, they’ll cross check the information by performing an online search.

When they don’t find any information about the website online, they’ll be put off. They’ll start questioning the credibility of your law firm and ultimately decide that it’s against their best interests. They will then go looking for another law firm that has a website. It might just be the competitors you are trying to surpass.

Having a fully functional and responsive website for Law firms can give your law firm a competitive edge and attract more prospective clients.

This should convey the importance of building a website. However, simply building a basic website will give your law firm an edge over its competitors. You need to do better. You need to invest in a great legal website design that creates a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors.

3. Help You Track Website Performance With The Help Of Analytics

When we laud the advantages of websites and the digital marketing benefits websites have to offer, that’s not to say that traditional marketing campaigns have outlived their usefulness.

Traditional marketing also has a place and can work alongside digital marketing. However, keeping tabs on all the data and measuring the outcome of traditional marketing can become quite tedious. In contrast, tracking your website performance is pretty straightforward.

With a website in place, you can run marketing campaigns with the help of free website performance tools such as google analytics and search console. Having a fully functional and responsive website for Law firms can give your law firm a competitive edge and attract more prospective clients. It can also help you determine how users are coming across your law firm website, giving you an idea of what platform you need to leverage the most to gain better results in the future.

Keep in mind, while it can be easy to learn the basics of google analytics and manage your website, it could take up a lot of time. Admittedly, it would be less time than you would need in tracking the progress of a traditional marketing campaign, but still, you would have to invest a significant amount of time. This is why you should look into digital marketing firms and services that can handle this task for you. It will give you more time to focus on your work and the clients you attract with the help of these campaigns.

4. Boosts Website Conversion Rates

Thanks to drag-and-drop website builders, any person with little to no knowledge about coding can build and design a website today. This is great and helps people set up websites without any help, but it also has drawbacks that can affect business growth.

That’s because self-designed websites do not account for requirements such as customers’ needs. The website is designed according to the designer’s preferences without giving much thought to how it would do with customers. This can harm the website’s conversion rates.

In order to design a website that will boost its conversion rates, a website designer has to take into account the following factors:

  • Creating a feature-rich, functional, and mobile-friendly law firm website.
  • Designing a website to attract prospective clients.
  • Ensure that the website has a call to action that prompts the visitors to perform a desired action.
  • Put the website pages through rigorous testing to understand visitor behaviour.

B] How Do I Set Up A Law Firm Website?

A lot goes into designing a website for a law firm. It is a comprehensive process that includes the following steps:

  1. Identifying the objective for the website design: A law firm would probably want to set its objectives as establishing its presence and getting more customers.
  2. Identifying the target audience: A law firm should target clients that are looking for the solutions that the law firm specialises in.
  3. Planning website structure: How the website should be structured, aesthetically, and coding-wise as well.
  4. Planning website content & designing the website: Ideally, website development and content go hand in hand. When you design a website for a law firm, you also need to fill it with content.
  5. Testing the website: Once all these steps have been completed, the website will need to undergo testing. Testing is one aspect of website design that has been done throughout the design process.
  6. Website Maintenance: Publishing the final approved website may seem like the final step, but it’s far from it. You have to keep tabs on your website performance and periodically check for issues such as broken links and new updates.

For a more detailed process, you can refer to our in-depth web design process guide. Additionally, you can also rely on our tips for designing a professional website.

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Wrapping Up,

A law firm that is planning to grow and expand, needs to have an online presence. It is especially necessary to have a website in this day and age. And as we have seen, while anyone can design the website, if you want a professional website then you have to let the experts handle the task of law firm website development. If you require the services of a law firm web design agency in Surrey then we would be happy to help.

Our talented website designers are highly skilled at building SEO-Friendly, feature-rich, responsive, and creative website design. So, feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss your law firm objectives for creating a website in detail. We can also help create a bespoke design that perfectly represents your law firm’s values and services.


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