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Safari Deal

SafariDeal is one of the biggest and most fun projects that we have undertaken. This travel startup has big ambitions to change they way that travellers search for and boom worldwide wildlife holidays. We started the journey with SafariDeal right at the beginning, when it was an idea on the back of a napkin. We have been involved in every touchpoint, from the logo to custom API integrations.

The bulk of the work has been the website which was initially built on custom php but then moved across to WordPress. This move has allowed SafariDeal to be more secure, more adaptable and more agile with their business. The business also needed to scale rapidly and WordPress as well as enterprise level hosting has allowed this to happen.

We are presently working on API integrations with Itinerary building platform – WETU and building out a brand new travellers dashboard where they can access curated and relevant specials deals from worldwide travel partners.

We also run all the inbound content marketing, SEO, organic and paid social media. We have also done tons of digital design jobs for them Рanything from business cards, postcards, offline ads, sponsorship  artwork and more.

It keeps us pretty busy but we love it!


Robin Cormack

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