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Mamba Media is a leading WordPress development agency in Surrey. We can help businesses create bespoke WordPress websites that are fully functional as well as mobile and SEO optimised. We offer our clients comprehensive WordPress solutions that ensure every aspect; right from design and development to SEO and maintenance is taken care of. We develop custom WordPress websites from the ground up or help customise existing WordPress themes to suit your business needs.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and is well-liked by developers, users, as well as search engines. Being an open-source platform, WordPress is the ideal solution for those looking to create a cost-effective website without compromising on essential functionalities.

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Once created, WordPress websites are easier to manage and maintain in the long run. If you have decided to use this CMS to build a website, then as a WordPress agency in Surrey, we can work with you to deliver the right result.

We have been providing the best WordPress website development services in Surrey for more than a decade. We have a dedicated team of WordPress developers who are skilled at crafting user-friendly and pixel-perfect websites that have clean codes, solid framework and are compatible across all devices and browsers. Also, as a well-known web design & development agency, we ensure that each website is rigorously tested by the team, so it meets the required standard before it is sent for client approval.

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WordPress Services We Offer

As mentioned above, when it comes to WordPress, we take care of every aspect. Starting with the initial design and development phase to digital marketing and security to post-launch support and maintenance, we can help you with everything. We can be your dedicated WordPress partner, managing all technical requirements and website-related tasks, so you can focus on growing your business. Below is an overview of the WordPress services we offer;

Wordpress Theme Development
WordPress Theme Development
Wordpress Design Development
WordPress Design and Development
Wordpress Plugins Development
WordPress Plugins Development
Wordpress Seo
WordPress SEO
Woocommerce Development
WooCommerce Development
Wordpress Security
WordPress Security, Support & Monitoring

Why choose Mamba Media

As a reputable WordPress web design and development agency in Surrey, we can create any type of website you want; be it a corporate website, blogging website, eCommerce store, business website, and more. We understand that creating a website is much more than just the layout and design aspect. It needs to be simple to manage and update. It needs to be scalable, to integrate future requirements. It also needs to be optimised for visibility and conversion.

When you hire us for your  WordPress website development, be rest assured you are working with an experienced team of WordPress experts who’ll take into consideration all these factors to ensure you have the best website that provides you with a competitive edge in your  industry.

Anyone can build a website with the WordPress CMS but  for business purposes you need to ensure your site reflects the right sort of professionalism that helps make your brand stand out and leaves a lasting impression.

So  no matter what your requirements are; WordPress customization services, theme development, plugin integration, or website maintenance, get in touch with us if you are looking for a reliable custom WordPress Development Agency in Surrey.


WordPress FAQ’s

Why should we use WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use website development platforms. This simple CMS is open source and completely customizable. It offers almost unlimited themes and WordPress plugins, so you can build any type of website and add additional functionality as required. According to recent statistics by W3Techs, the market share of WordPress is 65.3%. The best part, WordPress is easy to use, update, manage and maintain, which is why it enjoys the #1 spot in the list of content management systems.

How secure is WordPress?

WordPress has a large community that works towards making this platform better and more secure with every new version. It provides constant core updates and regular plugin/theme updates to fix bugs. This keeps the WordPress platform safe from spam, malware and viruses. Once a WordPress website is created, you can easily use the various WordPress security plugins to tighten up your site’s security and deter hackers.

Why should I trust Mamba Media for WordPress Development Services?

Mamba Media is a leading WordPress development agency in Surrey, that helps businesses create fully responsive and SEO optimised WordPress websites. We understand that simple website navigation is as necessary as the layout and design of the website. We create WordPress websites that are loved by both users and search engines. By hiring us to build a WordPress website, you’d be working with a team of professionals, who will guide you every step of the way from designing & development to SEO, maintenance, management and beyond.

How experienced is your WordPress Development Team?

We have an experienced team of WordPress experts who consider all the necessary elements to provide clients with a best-in-class website that makes them stand out in their industry. The team ensures your website is future-proof while simultaneously providing a seamless (front-end and back-end) experience for the present. We also ensure the website is scalable and well-optimised for visibility and conversion.

How long does it take to complete a WordPress CMS project?

This depends on the project scope. Creating a custom-made website may take a longer time. Whereas, theme-based websites require a shorter time frame.

A custom CMS project could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for UI/UX design based on the complexity of the project and its various requirements. Additional days/weeks may be required depending on the revisions. Post the designing phase, the web development phase would need an additional 1 to 6 weeks based on the functionality required and the number of pages.

In short, it may take up to 8 -10 weeks to complete a custom WordPress CMS project, as it includes design, development, bug fixing, and additional iterations.

Will a dedicated project manager work on my project?

Yes. All projects are managed by a dedicated project manager. The project manager will be your point of contact right from the start. He will explain the process, help you define the project scope, brief you on changes, make recommendations, and keep you up-to-date on project timelines. The project manager has a team of designers, coders, UX experts and testers at his fingertips and knows how to talk to them and get the best out of them.

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