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About Mamba

About Mamba Media

Mamba Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Surrey, UK. We offer services that specialises in providing web, design and digital marketing solutions for businesses in London, Surrey, the UK and worldwide.

We have been around since 2010 as a company but bring many more years of experience in digital marketing, design, website management and print. Mamba Media offers solutions to a range of industries, from travel to professional services. Everything we do is first and foremost, client led. Mamba Media adds the experience, creativity and technical know how to bring it all together.

Our small dedicated team thrives on getting the best plan in place and executing it precisely, to give our clients a real edge against the competition. This could be delivering a print order or an e-commerce website with thousands of pages.

Why Choose Us

  • A large percentage of our work comes from word of mouth: referrals, repeat business or retained clients
  • We bring together creativity and technology along with a passion to drive the success of our clients and offer them the ultimate solutions
  • We continually explore new approaches to existing methods in order to generate significant return in investment and increased brand awareness for our clients
  • We believe you have a vision and want to stand out from the crowd, and we can work with you to make that happen
  • We believe in a 4 stage approach to marketing – Attraction, Retention, Conversion, Measurement

The Team

Mamba Media was founded by Robin Cormack. All projects are managed by Robin and he will always be your point of contact. When called for on specific projects, we employ the services of carefully selected associates that are specialists in their areas – this ensures that deadlines and budgets are met and that you are receiving the same top quality service you would expect from us.

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