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As a leading digital marketing agency, at Mamba Media, we also offer search engine marketing (SEM) and PPC services to businesses who want to build website traffic through paid advertising. It is one of the best marketing methods to get faster results. It is also a flexible and measurable marketing tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.

For the uninitiated, SEM can be defined as an internet advertising model that helps drive website traffic through paid search listings. It is different from SEO services, wherein different techniques are employed to drive website traffic organically. In PPC, for every ad that is clicked, the advertiser pays a predefined amount to the publisher (search engines or website owners). Typically, PPC ads are associated with Google ads; however, businesses can also use social PPC advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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As an experienced PPC agency in Surrey, we design bespoke PPC campaigns based on the client’s marketing objectives. We offer our clients multi-platform advertising solutions that help them to reach their target audience. No matter what your goal is; increase web presence, more traffic, top position on Google for specific search terms, lead generation, we can help you achieve it through the latest SEM techniques and methods.

We can manage and monitor your paid campaigns from start to finish, and offer recommendations and optimizing solutions that’ll help you get higher returns. Thus, do give us a call if you are searching for the best PPC advertising agency in Surrey.

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Our PPC Process

When it comes to developing PPC strategies, we follow an actionable and effective process that helps drive conversion. As a professional PPC agency in Surrey, we offer comprehensive pay per click services that help businesses boosts their reach and engagement in this highly competitive market. Our process includes;

Competitor Research
Keyword Research
Campaign Setup
Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
Review, Recommendations, and Reporting

Why choose Mamba Media

While paid campaigns are a great way to get a huge amount of traffic to your website in a short amount of time, it is a time-consuming process, and without careful planning, you could waste a lot of money. You need to identify the right keywords, set bid levels, look into where you want the adverts to appear, etc.

To get the results you want, it is essential to partner with the best PPC marketing agency in Surrey, who is well-versed with the intricate workings of the PPC world. Thus, as a digital agency that offers PPC services in Surrey, we can help you set-up and manage your paid campaigns the right way, ensuring you get better returns on your investments.

Creating winning PPC campaigns for businesses is what we do best. We have also helped clients optimize their existing campaigns to improve their performance. So, be it Google Ads, social ads, or remarketing & retargeting campaigns, we can help you with all of these and more. As such, drop in an email or make use of the contact form to send us an enquiry now!


Should PPC be used by big brands only?

No matter what industry you are in or how big/small your company is, PPC can be used to generate leads. To check if PPC is worth your time, search for products or services relevant to your niche and see if any PPC ads show up. Even if there are zero ads for that specific search, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in PPC. In fact, this shows a huge opportunity that you can leverage to improve your leads and in the long run, your revenue.

Where can you advertise with PPC ads?

PPC ads are advertised on several platforms across the internet. An experienced digital agency that offers PPC services can help you research and narrow down platforms that are frequented by your target audience. Search engines, social media, and third-party websites are the most popular platforms that showcase PPC ads. Specifically, most businesses run PPC ads on:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

What is PPC ad spend?

Ad spend, or advertising spend, is your ad network budget with respect to how much you are willing to spend and for how long (for a week/month). Simply put, it is the monthly PPC marketing budget.

So, if you have a monthly budget of $3000, it can be spent across several ad networks such as Google Ads ($1500), Facebook ads ($1000) and YouTube ads ($500).

Depending on your business and target audience, you can either use the entire ad spend on one network or across multiple ad networks.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is an online advertising model wherein an advertiser has to pay a (specified) fee every time a user clicks on their ad. These types of ads are displayed at the top of the search result pages on Google or Bing.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for cost-per-click. It is a metric that specifies the cost (amount/fee) an advertiser has to pays for each click on their PPC ad. The cost-per-click is determined based on several factors, such as the maximum bid, quality score, and the ad rank of other advertisers who are bidding for the same keyword.

What's involved in setting up a Google Adwords campaign?

Setting up a Google Adwords campaign requires special expertise to ensure successful PPC campaigns. Apart from having a good knowledge of the platform, it involves:

  • Having a clear understanding of the advertising objective
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Selecting an appropriate campaign type
  • Creating the right campaign structure
  • Creating numerous ad extensions to make the adverts more engaging
  • Tracking conversions within Google Analytics

The process may be time-consuming, but it is cost-effective and can help you get good returns on your marketing spend. The primary campaign idea may also result in the creation of several other effective Adword campaign ideas.

How does Google Ads work?

Google ads simply display your ads when people search for products or services that you offer online. It ensures the ads are displayed to potential customers while they are actively searching and ready to take action. There are various steps involved in setting up a Google ad, such as:

  • Selecting your goal, such as getting more visitors to your website
  • Once the goal is selected, choose the geographic location (where you want to show your ad). It can be within a small radius of your business or a broader area like cities or countries.
  • Next, craft (and optimise) your ad and set a monthly budget cap.

Upon approval, your ad will appear whenever users in your target area search for a product or service similar to yours.

What is the difference between ad impressions and ad clicks?

The total number of times your ads are displayed on someone’s screen within the publisher’s network is called an ad impression. Here the users only see the advertisement.

Whereas, ad clicks is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users clicked on a digital advertisement to land on a specified URL.

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