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YouTube Marketing: Advantages, Optimisation Tips, and Tools

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YouTube Marketing Advantages Optimisation Tips and Tools

5 Minutes Crafts, a YouTube Channel owned by The Soul Publishing, was created in 2016. Over the course of 5 years, the channel has gained a massive following and currently has 77.4 Million subscribers. 5 Minutes Crafts has overtaken fan-favourite musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars, all of whom have less than 53 million subscribers.

So, how did 5 minutes Crafts get so popular in such a short time?

The videos uploaded by the channel offer its viewers hacks for everything, including parenting hacks, school hacks, and summer hacks. It also uploads DIY (Do It Yourself) craft videos, helping people learn how to make beautiful crafts at home. One of the reasons the channel got such popularity is that it understood its audience well, providing them with useful and engaging content.

Understanding your audience is one of the key aspects of YouTube Marketing. Before we share a few more YouTube Marketing tips, let’s talk about the basics and the benefits of YouTube marketing.

A] What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube Marketing, essentially a part of Social Media Marketing, is the promotion of any business, brand, product, or service on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing Involves:

  • Advertising your products on YouTube
  • Collaborating with Influencers
  • Creating promotional videos

The key to building a perfect YouTube Marketing strategy is understanding your target audience and their search intent. Search intent is the primary objective of a user entering a keyword or search query in a search engine. It is the first step of putting your video content in front of people who are actively looking for it and will appreciate it. We’ll later talk about how else you can optimise your videos and channel to get optimal results. But right now, let’s focus on the benefits of YouTube Video Marketing.

B] Advantages of YouTube marketing

1. More traffic:

YouTube gets 34.6 billion monthly visitors. Its popularity is second only to that of, the leading search engine. Investing in YouTube marketing gives your brand access to 34.6 billion monthly visitors. When you create and publish an optimised video on a YouTube channel, it becomes available to this massive audience, incomparable to any other marketing platform.

2. Higher visibility on Google

Google search algorithm has evolved to include relevant video results for a search query. Since YouTube videos are optimised with structured data, Google gives priority to YouTube video results. Search engine users looking for “How To” videos or tutorials are more likely to find video results for the requested query. Search Engine results have also evolved to display key moments for an optimised video, allowing users to skip the unnecessary parts of a video to find their answers. While other platforms offer a chance to improve a brand’s digital presence, YouTube offers higher visibility and a chance to reach a larger audience.

3. Build your email list

From running YouTube ads to adding cards, there are several ways to influence your followers to sign up for your email list. Creating and implementing lead magnets for your YouTube videos is also quite helpful in building an email list. The viewer can pause the video to provide their email ids, subscribing to your email list.

4. Higher conversion rates

When compared to long articles or content formats, People find it easier to consume video content. Videos are more personal. Every video tells an engaging story, offering viewers a unique experience. Such experiences help build trust and loyalty. Videos that evoke strong emotions have the power to influence people. Such videos increase a brand’s conversion rate.

5. Multiple video types

YouTube is a dynamic platform where you can upload videos of varying types from different niches. You can create video ads for promoting your brand, educational videos relevant to your niche, comedy videos, and more. With YouTube, Marketing creators have the option to create and publish several different types of videos.

C] Optimisation tips and steps to create a YouTube marketing plan

1. Optimise your YouTube channel to attract subscribers:

Optimising YouTube Channels includes creating and uploading branded banners and profile pictures. A channel equipped with a premium banner and profile photo makes a great impression on first-time visitors and adds credibility.

Creating branded video content usually helps attract customers but it is also a good idea to create a trailer or an engaging explainer video for your brand, influencing visitors to hit the subscribe button. Don’t forget to engage with your audience. If people leave a comment with questions, answer them. You can also ask your YouTube audience to like and comment on your videos, as well as to subscribe to the channel.

2. Use YouTube ads to gain higher visibility

YouTube offers clear guidelines on how to optimise your videos, making it easier to attract organic traffic. However, often, extra efforts are required. That’s where YouTube adverts come in.

There are several types of YouTube ads you can choose from:

  • Video Discovery Ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • Non Skippable Ads
  • Banner and overlay ads.

Similar to building a YouTube marketing campaign, you also have to build a YouTube ads campaign that can guide you through the video optimization process, helping you reach a wider audience.

3. Invest In influencer marketing

According to Google’s ads and commerce blogs about driving results through YouTube, 70% of people claimed that they bought a product because they saw it on YouTube. YouTube influencers are a major asset. They have the power to convince their followers to try a product based on their honest reviews. The more popular a YouTuber, the higher the visibility for your products and services.

The Walking Dead mobile game provider, Next Games, worked with a group of macro influencers. The influencers that partnered with Next Games included Anwar Jibawi, Lele Pons, Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking, and Rudy Mancuso. Their idea was a success, and loads of people downloaded the game following the launch of the ad. Their YouTube video has over 8,274,433 views, 120K likes, and 2680 comments.

4. Understand your audience

A skilled digital marketer needs to spend a fair amount of time on research, especially on determining and understanding their audience. People who already have a YouTube Channel for their business with published videos should make use of in-built marketing tools such as the Analytics Tab in YouTube Studio.

Analytics provides audience information such as when they are online, their age and gender, top locations, other channels they watch, and how long they watch videos. All of this information helps you understand audience behaviour on YouTube. When you start a new channel, you have to experiment a bit, creating and posting useful or interesting content to keep your followers engaged. When you have enough videos published on YouTube, you can access the Analytics Tabs to build a strategy.

5. Perform competitor research

Competitor research also plays a big role in understanding your audience. Take a look at your competitors’ YouTube videos, go through the videos that are doing well and work on creating unique content that can outperform those videos.

Once you are on your competitor’s YouTube channel, you can analyse the video quality, the total number of subscribers, the frequency of upload, the number of views per video, topics they are targeting and posting about, and the comment received on their videos.

All this information can help you plan your YouTube marketing strategies. Some YouTube channels do not improve their content based on feedback, using these comments is a great way to create unique content and can help you attract the attention of your target audience.

6. Optimise your videos to rank higher

YouTube Platform regularly recommends new videos to its users. They do so based on the users’ watched history, offering them personalised results. Two users with different preferences typically have different content on their home pages.

For example, a mother and daughter living in the same house both use YouTube videos. The Mother prefers to watch classic movies and gardening videos, whereas her teenage daughter uses YouTube to watch music videos. When they sign in to YouTube on their respective devices, they will both get different content recommendations.

So, how can you optimise content to reach your target audience:

  • Consider investing in YouTube SEO, which helps you optimise video content by helping your videos rank for a set of high-performing relevant keywords.
  • In addition, you can also optimise the video by adding keywords within the video descriptions, titles, and tags.
  • Don’t forget to create and upload a custom thumbnail that covers the theme of your video.
  • One of the great ways to improve the experience for your audience is to create timestamps for your videos. So instead of sitting through a long video, users can skip to the useful part.
  • Focus on the comments, respond appropriately and keep your audience engaged.

7. Upload relevant videos regularly

How often should you upload videos to your YouTube channel?

When you have a new channel, you need to make sure that your content is always in front of the audience. Continuous exposure to your brand will help them remember it in the long term. Often when a video goes viral, people visit the channel to find similar video content. It means, more of your videos get hits. For times like these, your channel needs to have at least 4-5 powerful videos. New YouTubers should consider uploading content daily for at least the first week.

Once you have gained enough followers, you can gradually move on to uploading videos three times a week and once a week later on.

D] Tools for YouTube marketing

1. Canva: Canva is a platform for creators. Canva has a collection of templates and graphical elements that can help you design posters and thumbnails for your YouTube channel.

2. Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a powerful content research tool that can help you find trending topics for your next video content.

3. Hootsuite: Hootsuite offers an advanced platform for YouTube management. It helps you organise, monitor, and schedule your video content.

4. A dedicated keyword tool to find the right keywords for your YouTub channel.

5. Tubebuddy: TubeBuddy comes in two formats, a free browser extension and a mobile app, both of which help YouTube channel owners optimise their content with features and tools such as Video SEO, bulk procession, data and research, and promotion. It helps you find keywords and see the performance of your channel.

6. Youtube Studio: YouTube’s in-built analyst and management tool offers channel insights and helps you manage your video content.

7. VidIQ: VidIQ is a dedicated YouTube tool that helps you find keywords, perform competitor research, generate thumbnails, and also helps you run a channel audit to find issues and improve the channel.

Some of these tools are a bit expensive, but they also offer either a free trial or free version. For more free tools, refer to our guide; Free Social Media Tools To Manage, Monitor & Measure Your Activity.


The tips we have shared are very effective, more so if done by a skilled professional. We can help you optimise your YouTube channel and brand.. So if you are looking for social media marketing services in Surrey, we are here to help. We offer a vast range of social media marketing services, such as building a powerful social media campaign, helping businesses set up their brands, and social media management and reporting. We also offer Social Media consultation and strategy services.

Our YouTube Marketing solutions are tailored to our client’s business requirements. So, take the first step, reach out to us. We can discuss your goals and help you determine the perfect strategy to boost your brand visibility on Youtube and achieve higher conversion rates.

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