Video Marketing For Business

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Video can communicate what words and images cannot. Video is hugely popular – according to YouTube over 3 billion videos are viewed a day and more than half of daily internet users will watch a video of some sort – so businesses need to be getting their share. You can increase user interaction on your website by using video and keep visitors on your site for longer – all this helps your rankings and can also help you promote your products and ultimately generate sales if there is a correct call to action and it is not too salesy.

Why get involved in video marketing?

In the beginning we were satisfied with words, then we needed images and now we crave video. It is the most exciting way to engage with your audience. We don’t think there should be any debate about should I or shouldn’t I use video. The debate should be about how best to do it. Move out of the last century!

Create your own videos or hire a professional?

Equipment and editing software is now affordable and user friendly and a lot of the simple stuff can be done on YouTube itself. You can, of course, shoot and edit your own video and sometimes this can be very effective as “live” events are being captured and that’s what makes them special. However if you are going to be using the video to promote your business then it is usually best to sit down and plan it, script it, shoot it professionally and edit it professionally. Alternatively you can purchase video footage from photo and video stock websites. Below is an example of purchased video footage which has been edited and placed as banners in the website instead of using images or rotating images.

How does video play a role in social media today?

Social marketing is now having a great impact on search results. Once you have video footage on YouTube or Vimeo for example, it is very easy to then imbed the videos either into your website or into Social Media platforms such as Facebook and to share video which then has the potential of going viral. It is also a way to connect with your audience in a social way face to face – a way to humanise your brand or give it that extra edge.

4 top tips on video marketing:

  1. Keep videos short – a minute or 2 at most
  2. Make sure you optimise the video for SEO in your YouTube channel – use correct tags and titles – this will help with search results
  3. If it’s very badly filmed then don’t show it – that can do more harm to your business than not having it
  4. Use it for promotions and to show off products, but also use it to show off people behind the brand, give people your expert advice and so forth – it is all about giving something back, gaining trust rather than always trying to sell something.

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