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13+ Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks For Businesses

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Social Media Tips And Tricks

As one of the digital marketing techniques, social media is a cost-effective marketing method that can help businesses to boosts brand awareness and generate leads. Businesses should make social media a part for their marketing strategy as most customers today are online on various social networks. Also, by building a social media presence for their business, companies can keep their customers informed of the latest changes and updates to their product/services and website. More importantly, it can help companies improve their reach, which can help grow their business.

If you want to grow your business with social media and looking for the best social media marketing tips that can help boosts brand visibility, then the below social media tips and tricks can help. These professional social media tips can help you to optimize the existing social profiles for your business.

I have also listed some key tips for social media marketing to get you going on the social networks and improve your marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

1. Optimising Your Linkedin personal profile

To build a professional network, a good first impression always counts. You need to make sure that your company’s LinkedIn profile is well-optimised. This includes;

  • Filling in various fields and providing information about your company, adding website URL, email address, geographic location, and phone number.
  • Customising your LinkedIn page URL is also important, e.g. Add your company’s logo and make sure that it is uniform across all social networks.
  • Optimise your company’s profile for users as well as search engines by using the right target keywords. Also, make sure that your headline is descriptive.

2. Connecting and Networking on LinkedIn

  • Update your status regularly so you appear in your connections’ news feeds. This opens up more opportunities for people to like, comment on, or share your content for further reach.
  • Connect from someone’s personal profile in order to get the options to personalise the message and follow up once you have connected.
  • Like, comment and share posts from your connections and also the companies that you follow. Also, use @username to mention someone in a post or comment.

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3. Using LinkedIn Groups

Join groups to connect with like-minded professionals and your target audience. Spend time in relevant groups to establish authority, share valuable information and be helpful. Check out group stats to see if a group is relevant.

DID YOU KNOW: If you are a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them.

Which LinkedIn Groups should you join?

  • View DEMOGRAPHICS for relevancy, e.g. location and industry.
  • View ACTIVITY – you want one with lots of comments which shows there is high engagement.

Twitter Tips and Tricks

4. Posting and engaging on Twitter

Consistent posting is important no matter what social network you are using for your business. This helps boosts engagement and drives traffic. Content plays a vital role here. Thus, ensure that you curate and post interactive content on Twitter. This will help you to get more clicks, conversions, and increase brand awareness.

  • To boosts engagement on Twitter, use relevant #hashtags, but keep it to a minimum. Also, on Twitter, you can post more frequently than other networks, so make the best of it.
  • Use RT to retweet to keep branding consistent. Shorten links so you can track who clicks. Use @username to interact and mention people. Plus, make sure that you leave 17 characters SAFE ZONE so people re-tweeting can add their comments.

5. Managing your time on Twitter

A social content calendar is important to boosts efficiency. For better management, create lists on Twitter. For on-the-go social posting, download the Twitter app on your smartphone. Also, there are 3rd party social media tools available that you can use to monitor, manage, and measure your social media activities.

6. Increasing followers and getting more reach on Twitter

To increase followers and get more reach, search in Twitter or use 3rd party tools such as Twellow to find people. Look at suggestions on Twitter for who to follow. People usually follow back. Engage with people by mentioning them @username. Share content if relevant to your niche. Connect with influencers and refer people to each other.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

7. What to post on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Having a strong social media marketing strategy for Facebook can help you reap greater benefits such as more brand visibility, increase followers, targeted leads, among others. Thus, it is crucial that you create high-quality content for Facebook posting.

  • The content that you post on Facebook should be relevant to your niche. It should help solve your customer’s problems/queries. Make sure to use visuals that stand out as it also improves your chances of going viral. Mix up media types such as links, text, images, video, audio, infographics, etc.
  • Use schedule and targeting tools within Facebook to boosts productivity. To tag someone use @name. Run a contest to boosts engagement and to increase followers.
  • Give an insider view of your company by posting team holiday pictures, images of awards received, testimonials, etc. Always reply to comments and don’t delete negative comments.

8. Increasing reach and engagement on Facebook

To increase reach and engagement on Facebook, you need to research your target audience and run effective Facebook campaigns. Change your Facebook cover for promotions or holidays or specials. Get some Facebook Apps created to run competitions, get email sign-ups or showcase your content and offers. Use boosted / promoted posts and Facebook Ads for further reach.

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Google Tips and Tricks

9. Get found locally in Google search

Ensure you claim your Google’s My Business (GMB) listing and get it verified. Having a business listing on Google will help you to be found when people are searching locally for your service.

For example: Digital marketing agency in Surrey

GMB is a free and easy-to-use tool. It allows you to add your company’s name, address and phone number (NAP details). You can add a brief snippet about your business along with the services you are offering as well as operational hours. This also includes reviews from the web. You can also link to your other business social profiles.

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10. How to Setup Your Google Plus Account for Business?

Once you create a GMB account, you automatically get access to a Google Plus business page. Unlike other social networks, Google Plus can have a significant impact on your site’s SEO and search traffic. As one of the off-page SEO techniques, it can help boosts your brand’s visibility in local search results. It can also help you to improve your brand’s credibility through business reviews, which can help increase your site’s rankings.

Setting up a Google Plus account for business is quite simple and straightforward. You can read this guide to know more.

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Pinterest Tips and Tricks

11. Using Pinterest

A simple to use social media platform, Pinterest allows you to post images, infographics, videos and other types of visual media. Posting on Pinterest can make your content go viral and drive traffic to your website and blog.

To pin something on Pinterest, you need to have an image or video, as such, include images in your blogs so they can be pinned. Include links, keywords and #hashtags in descriptions so these can also be picked up by search and on Twitter. Follow and like, share and repin other’s pins and start engaging with people to get noticed. If you share great content, then the followers will come!

12. Selling on Pinterest

Did you know that you can sell on Pinterest? That’s right!

Just add a price to your description and it will show a price label on the pin. Pin your products straight to Pinterest, so when people click on the pin they are taken to that product and can purchase if they wish.

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Instagram Tips and Tricks

13. Using Instagram

Instagram is another social platform that you can use to promote your business and to generate leads and boosts conversion.

  • Begin with optimising your Instagram account – write a descriptive bio, stay consistent with your logo and brand name, include website links, other social media links, and post informative content with visually-pleasing images.
  • Follow brands and influencers in your niche market and engage with them. Publish engaging, interactive and visually-rich content. Use @mention to tag people and always reply to comments.

14. Promoting Your Business on Instagram

  • When promoting your products, make use of real product images to boosts engagement. Ensure that the product images are of professional quality and the images are made based on the recommended Instagram size.
  • Create post around trending topics and use relevant & brand-specific hashtags. Make use of Instagram filters, use shareable quotes, post your company’s milestone, include video content. Posts testimonials – they are a great way to sell your products without outright selling them.
  • Make use of Instagram advertising to increase sales. Track and measure each activity and use the available data to improve existing campaigns and to know what type of post is much-liked by your target audience so you can replicate it.

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YouTube Tips and Tricks

15. Using YouTube

With the popularity of watching videos increasing exponentially, companies should make the most of this digital marketing technique to grow their business. Before you create a YouTube channel for your business, research your target audience and define what your goal is.

  • Once you create your channel (you need a Google account for this), you need to optimise it. This includes personalizing the URL, here stick to your brand name, as it would be more recognizable to your customers.
  • Add you channel icon (profile picture), which would be your brand logo. Fill in the about us section, add website links, link to the other social profiles, etc. Also, make sure that you use the correct image size.

16. Tips on How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

  • Create and upload high-quality videos to boost engagement. Add subtitles to your videos to make it more accessible to a wider audience including deaf viewers. Keep the video length short, the titles interesting and opening credits brief. The length of the video will depend on the content, especially product demos, how-to videos and tutorials.
  • Post video consistently and include a call to action. You can also write a brief description of the video below and add website link or contact us link. Choose the right category and tag for more traffic. Make use of target keywords in your title and description to boosts search ranking.
  • You can also collaborate with other Youtubers to promote your products and services. You can post video testimonials and make sure to do cross-promotion of videos and share it on your other business social profiles.
  • Create a playlist of suggested videos. Create a series of videos that is helpful and informative. Go live on YouTube. Optimise your video for users and search engines by adding the title tag, meta title and description.

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Lead Generation & Conversion Tips and Tricks

17. Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages are more targeted and deliver a better experience to users. You can create landing pages for varied internet marketing campaigns, social networks and emails. When creating a landing page ensure that the content is aligned with your ads, this will help boosts engagement.

Make sure that the design of the landing page is clutter-free. The lead generation form should be visible on the top and include minimum form fields. Include clear call-to-action such as sign up to email or purchase products for better lead generation and sales. Make use of testimonials and social buttons on the landing page to improve credibility. Also, include images & multimedia and use minimum navigational links.

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Was this post helpful? Want to add other social media tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment below.


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