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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business?

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How To Use Pinterest For Marketing Your Business

Are you struggling to effectively market your business? Are you overwhelmed by social media? Are you frustrated about getting traffic to the website? Then Pinterest may be the perfect solution!

Pinterest is extremely viral with over 80% of pins being repinned (retweets are less than 5%), which means your exposure can be huge. The simple and visual nature of Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity to market your business and can be a great source of click-throughs, helping to drive traffic to your blog, website or other sites.

As a social media marketing agency in Surrey, we’ve helped countless brands to set up their social profiles and have helped them with their marketing efforts. Thus, below we’ll look at how to use Pinterest for business along with what to pin and other Pinterest tips and tricks. But, for now, let’s begin with some interesting Pinterest statistics and facts.

Pinterest Statistics and Facts

  • 28% of marketers use Pinterest to market their brand/products (Statistica)
  • The average number of monthly searches on Pinterest is 2 billion (Omnicoreagency)
  • 97% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded (Business pinterest)
  • The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes (Branex)
  • More than two-thirds of Pinterest’s base is women, especially Moms (Edition.cnn)
  • 61% of Pinterest users have purchased something after seeing a promoted pin (Businessofapps)
  • Pinterest posts have a three-month lifespan compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Mtomconsulting)

1. What to Pin on Pinterest?

  • Focus on original content: With approx. 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest, if you want your pins to stand out, then focusing on original content is important. Here, make sure that you add visual elements in your post to make it easier for ‘pinning’.

200 Billion Pins Saved On Pinterest 1


  • Pin images with text and include a link back to your website page or blog: A descriptive text with keywords or #hashtags will ensure that your pins are readily visible for related search queries by customers. Likewise, linking to your website/blog, makes it easier for customers to reach you for further query or to make a purchase.
  • Pin Infographics: If a picture speaks a thousand word, then an infographic is priceless. Not only is it visually appealing but also provides the required information at a glance. So, create informative content with infographic and pin it on Pinterest to drive traffic.
  • Pin Checklists and How to Tutorials: These are a few other formats that have a high search volume on Pinterest. Thus, make sure that you pin high-quality images to boost engagement.
  • Pin videos from YouTube or Vimeo: According to this report by Pinterest, there were 6X as many video views in 2019 than in 2018. This has only continued to rise in 2020, which is the reason why Pinterest launched video reactions for iOS and Android, providing their users with a new way to engage with the posted content.

2. How To Use Pinterest For Business? How to Pin an Image and Add a Price on Pinterest?

You can now create a Business Page on Pinterest to represent your company or brand. Using a Pinterest business account can help you to drive traffic to your website as well as generate leads.

Mamba Media Pinterest


Pinterest allows you to link a business profile to your existing personal Pinterest account, wherein you can link up to 4 business profiles. But, if you don’t want to link a business account to your personal account, then you have the option of creating a standalone account for business purpose only.

Thus, let’s check out how to create a Pinterest business account along with how to post on Pinterest (pin an image) and add price in this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Click here to set up a business page. Fill in the details required; email, password and age. Click on ‘Create an account.’

Step 1 Set Up A Pinterest Business Page 1

Step 2 – Fill in the information; business name, profile picture, country, language, website URL. Click on ‘Next’.

Step 2 Enter Required Detail 1

Step 3 – Select ‘Business Type’ and click on ‘Next’.

Step 3 Select Business Type 1

Step 4 – Select ‘Create a Pin.’

Step 4 Select Create A Pin 1

Step 5 – Add Pin; you can either ‘drag and drop’ the image from the desktop or ‘Save from the site’. Add the ‘Title’, write a description (you can add the price here), enter website link and select ‘Publish immediately’ or ‘Published at a later date.’ To publish immediately, click on the red ‘Publish’ button.

Step 5 Add A Pin 2

3. Some Pinterest Tips and Tricks

  • Pinterest says the ideal image size is 1000×1500 pixels or any 2:3 aspect ratio.
  • Add a Pin it button to your website on every product. Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Business Page. Also, include a call-to-action in the image and description such as Repin or Click Here.
  • Find relevant ‘Boards’ to follow as this can help you improve brand visibility.
  • Make sure every page or blog has an optimised image, so when you or someone else Pins it, you can include the image. Also, make sure that the images link back to your website, blog or landing pages to drive traffic.
  • Make use of Pinterest’s search engine to find relevant keywords and incorporate them into your description to increase traffic.
  • If you add an image directly from your computer and want to link it to your website/blog or another website, add the image first and then go to Edit pin and add the web link in the URL.

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4. How to Sell on Pinterest?

After creating a business Pinterest account and verifying your business website, the next step is to follow the industry best practices to start selling on Pinterest. Why sell on Pinterest?

  • Pinterest users are twice as likely to buy.
  • 70% of those using Pinterest are using it to provide inspiration before buying.
  • Pins with prices get 30% more likes as people are there to shop. So, add price to the description of a pin, this will show up on the pin and can lead to conversion.

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To sum up,

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms that can help you to drive organic traffic to your website. It can also help improve brand awareness and help boost conversion. Thus, make use of Pinterest to market your business and if you need help with your social media campaigns, then get in touch with us to know how we can help!

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