Why You Should Have A Blog For Your Business

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How often do you search on the internet to find the answer to a question? For example “should I be a limited company or register as a sole trader” or “how can I create a garden that requires little maintenance” or “which are the best tools to manage my time better on social media” or “is there a cure for hayfever”. If and when you find an answer to your question in the search results, what is it that you click on and read? Probably a blog right? So are your customers or potential customers not doing the same? Are you being found online when your customers search for the answers to their questions?

Blogging gives you the opportunity to answer your customers’ questions. If you can help someone by giving them the answers to their pain points, or give them valuable tips and advice, or point them in the right direction of people who can help, then they will trust you more as a “go to” resource. If you add related links to your articles and a sign up form or a call to action, then they could even turn into an email subscriber or maybe even a client!

The benefits of blogging

  • You have more chance of being found online when people search for the answer to their questions if you have answered these in your blog
  • You have more chance of being found online when people search for the answer to their questions if you have answered these in your blog
  • Blogging adds fresh content to your website which helps with Search Engine Ranking (SEO or being found online)
  • Blogging gives your company a human side, which builds trust with your potential prospects
  • People are more likely to trust what they read in a blog over a sales message as long as you are transparent and offer value
  • Blogging creates extra pages for your website and the more pages indexed, the higher the overall ranking a website has on search engine result pages
  • Consistently blogging good content can establish you as an expert in your field, as people are always looking for expert advice and help and answers
  • Blogging gives your company the chance to be the frontrunner of a new topic or trend. Being the first to cover something attracts readers and has the potential to go viral
  • Blogs create a content hub of information which you can use to post out to your social media channels
  • Posting your blog content to social media can help drive traffic back to your blog and website if people then click on those links

Some blogging statistics

  • Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead generation* than small businesses that do not blog
  • 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog
  • 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog
  • B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not
  • B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those that do not

*Lead generation is the process of creating enquiries which might convert into a sale.
Blogging Stats Sources: Hubspot, InsideView

Tips on writing content for your blog

  • Speak in your own voice and try not to stuff your blog with too many keywords
  • Write the blog in a way that people can understand what you are saying – not too much jargon
  • Eliminate the marketing message from your content
  • Use your blog as a place to educate your readers and answer all of the questions your prospects and clients ask
  • Link to other content in your blog to offer further reading so your readers can find out more and stay on your site longer

We would love to hear from you about what is stopping YOU from blogging – please leave your comments below and we will then be sure to cover this in our future blogs.

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