Why And How To Use LinkedIn Company Pages

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With new changes companies can now update their individual company pages to enable their followers to receive updates and insights about company news, showcase your thought leadership and expand your business.

Your LinkedIn company page will also be indexed by search engines, which can provide more awareness for you and traffic to your business.

Just like people follow Facebook Business Pages now it is also becoming popular follow LinkedIn Company Pages. You can integrate rich media content such as images, hyperlinked banners, links to your website and blog and videos from YouTube into your company profile. So get creative and take advantage of these benefits to make your page more attractive, engaging and interesting to your target markets!

Create or Complete your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Give details of your ideal customer and how you can help and serve them in your overview page
  2. Include your specialties in the “specialties” area using keywords
  3. Insert your blog feed URL
  4. Add in products and services pages
  5. You can include an image, description, list of key features, website link, promotion link and a YouTube video link
  6. Enable the page for status updates
  7. Designate who can update the company page in the company pages admins

Build Followers on your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Increasing your company followers will increase your company visibility as the updates will be seen throughout LinkedIn
  2. Get your employees to follow so they can share with their connections
  3. Follow the pages of industry peers and current and prospective customers
  4. Send an announcement to your personal connections along with benefits as to why they should follow your page
  5. Include links in your email marketing and other social networks

Provide Interesting and Value-added Updates on your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Post updates about jobs, breaking news and interesting and value-added information and tips
  2. Establish your company as the industry expert
  3. Include images, video and links to make the posts stand out
  4. Offer valuable resources and insights

Engage and Network with the Companies you Follow on LinkedIn

  1. Engage with other companies and their updates just as you do with individual status updates
  2. Help them out or point them in the right direction when they are asking for something
  3. Share anything that can be of use to your followers
  4. Promote and refer the companies that are important to your business by liking, sharing and commenting on their updates
  5. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search features to search for companies by location and so forth

Monitor and Focus your Efforts on LinkedIn

  1. Use the “Analytics” feature to monitor and track visitors to your company page
  2. Set aside time for “company” networking on LinkedIn
  3. Check on your home page under “Companies” or go to the company page direct
  4. Keep your LinkedIn company page fresh and interesting – add new videos, run special promotions, etc.

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