What Excuse Have You Got For Not Being On LinkedIn?

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EVERYONE should be on LinkedIn! Whether you are a student, an employee, a business owner or a sole trader you should be on LinkedIn.

I have included some interesting stats and reasons why you should be on LinkedIn – if you need more convincing or need to convince your boss or parents (if you are old enough of course and of employable age) … and also how to look for a job and what the benefits are for using LinkedIn for Business and having a LinkedIn company page.

I will also be following this blog with a series on How to Use LinkedIn including optimising your profile, how to use groups and events, LinkedIn company pages and more!

So Why LinkedIn?

People often say “but isn’t LinkedIn only for business owners who are offering business to business (B2B) services?”.

Well the answer is no!

You are truly missing a trick if you think that, because LinkedIn has so much more to offer.

You can search for job, find a potential employee, find new clients, form strategic alliances, look for investors, seek out new venture opportunities and more.

10 LinkedIn Stats – Nov 2012

  1. Every second – 2 members join LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals and B2B & one of the top social networks overall
  3. 61% use LinkedIn as their primary professional networking site
  4. 81% of LinkedIn users belong to at least one group
  5. 42% of users update their LinkedIn profile information regularly
  6. 82% are aware there are ads on LinkedIn & 60% have clicked on one
  7. 39% of the members is a Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer or Vice President
  8. Largest age group is 25 – 54 years
  9. UK is 3rd top user by country
  10. The are over 175 million users!

top 5 linked in stats nov 2012

Looking for a Job on LinkedIn

searching for jobs on linkedinYour LinkedIn profile is like you online CV so if you are looking for work and employment then LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to be found for

potential jobs. It is also a great place to find work opportunities and jobs you may be interested in.

Take a look on your HOME page down the right hand column for jobs you may be interested in.

Or do a search on the top right hand menu to look for a job. LinkedIn helps you search through thousands of jobs or post a job and reach millions of top professionals.

You can search via keyword, profile, geography and company.  Studies show that LinkedIn decreases the time it takes to fill a position by 50%.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Business

#1. Controlling your brand image in the search engines

Google gives LinkedIn company and personal profiles high authority and generally ranks them well for queries that include a company name, brand or employee’s name.  The more of the first page of Google you take up, the more control you have over your company image.

#2. Increase you brand’s visibility

By making connections, answering questions and getting involved in group discussions your will give your company more awareness and show your through leadership and expertise.

#3. Generating Leads

Get involved in discussions and status updates and Answers and help solve people’s problems.  If you have a free eBook or whitepaper that can be of help to someone then you have the opportunity to direct people there and for people to sign up to download the information which then gives you a warm lead.

#4. Anyone could be a potential future customer, employee or employer

People change jobs, switch careers and start up new businesses. On LinkedIn you will be able to track where they go and reach out to them at their new company whether they may be a potential new client, business associate, employer or employee.

#5. LinkedIn Company Pages

In addition to profiles, you can also have a company page where you can list your products and services and include links to your website, videos and promotions. You can also get recommendations for these products and services – each time someone recommends that can be seen on their updates which go out to all their followers. Having a company page offers you more opportunity to strengthen your brand and post status updates which you can also get employees to manage. You can also search companies to find the right person to connect with as they should be listed as an employee on the LinkedIn company page. You also have the opportunity to created a targeted online community and post targeted status updates.

What next?

Is there anything stopping you from being on LinkedIn? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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