What You Can Blog About & Creating a Blogging Plan

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What should I blog about? Whether you blog once a month or once a week or once a day, you need to try and keep your blogging schedule consistent. So what is going to help you do that? If you are looking for ideas of what you can blog about then start with those things that you love and care about and want to talk about – what fuels your passion or inspires you? You need to have this fire and you need to have a plan – a series of subjects you want to talk about.

Start with an editorial calendar or blogging plan

One of the first places to start with when it comes to blogging is with a plan. A blog schedule should be part of your online marketing plan. An editorial or event calendar (blogging calendar) is like a roadmap for content creation, giving you a plan on what kind of content to create, what topics to cover, who to target, and how often to publish to best support your marketing plan.

  • Start with a Google calendar, spreadsheet or printed calendar
  • Plan 3 months or 6 mths in advance
  • Look at how much traffic, how many leads, and how many customers you are aiming to generate each month – businesses that blog 16 to 20 times per month get over 2x more traffic than those that blog fewer than four times per month
  • Highlight major holidays such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, or Mother’s Day and plan content that fits with the seasonal theme or if your business deals with travel or gardening for example, you can look at the weather seasons
  • Business to Business (B2B) marketers could note important industry trade shows they plan to attend
  • Put in dates for blogs
  • For each date, list the topic, the title of the piece, and the target audience – The goal is to create a good mix of content types, topics, and personas to make sure you’re covering all your segments
  • For each post – add SEO keywords, the stage of the buying cycle, the call-to-action, or other marketing goals that each piece of content must address

But I don’t have anything to say?

There are many types of blogs, so not every post has to be a carefully created masterpiece of writing. You could create a photo or video blog or do a question and answer interview for example. Here are some ideas you can think about for blog posts:

  • Personal – casual and more emotional. It’s a good way to create a relationship with your readers as it allows you to use a language that directly addresses them. Or you could talk about what made you start your business or what experiences you have had.
  • How to tutorials
  • Q&A – question and answer blogs
  • Top tips – eg top 10 recipes to use up leftover mash potato
  • Reviews of products, places, apps, campaigns and so on
  • Videos (vlog) – behind the scenes at work, events, webinars, interviews
  • Audio – podcasts, interviews and so forth
  • Photos or infographics especially for travel bloggers and photographers
  • Interviews with experts or clients or people that inspire you
  • Guest blog – ask someone to guest blog for you or do a reciprocal blog agreement
  • News or events – for example Business to Business (B2B) marketers could note important industry trade shows they plan to attend, and schedule blog updates, recaps, photos or videos generated at the event
  • Round up of top stories, blogs or tweets
  • The publication of a case study could generate several weeks’ worth of blog posts that each share details or small sections of information from the complete report

So if you are not blogging for business, what is stopping you from blogging?

  • I am no good at writing
  • I don’t know what to blog about
  • I don’t know what my customers questions are
  • I don’t have the time to blog
  • I don’t know how often should I blog
  • I don’t know how to promote my blog

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