Using Your Personal Facebook Profile To Promote Your Facebook Business Page

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Many people are missing out on promoting their Facebook Business Page through their personal Facebook Page.

For a start if you LIKE someones’ Facebook Business Page using your own Business Page, then it does not count as a like, so you need to like others pages as YOURSELF.

I like to reciprocate those who LIKE my Business Page by going to theirs and liking it as well. However with many people’s personal profile there is nothing to show or it only shows “where they were at school” or “where they are living”. It is such a shame to waste this opportunity when you can use this space to promote your business by including a link to your Facebook Business Page as per the examples below.

On the old style Facebook personal profile:

using work link on facebook personal profile to promote business

On the new style timeline Facebook personal profile:

So if I see the links like above on people’s personal profiles I can immediately click on it and go to their Facebook Business Page and “LIKE” it!

Ok so perhaps, like me, you are worried about security and what shows on your personal profile to the public.  You can now individually select what is shown as GLOBAL (everyone can see), FRIENDS, FRIENDS OF FRIENDS and only YOU (this shows a lock sign).

I am in the new Timeline format now so I am going to show you from that perspective – if you need help with the older personal profile format please comment below to let me know and I will do another blog showing that.

In the bottom right below the cover picture you need to click on “UPDATE INFO” (just next to Activity Log and above the Photos, Maps and Likes).

Then select “About” from the drop down menu near the top. Add your current business page into Work and Education and make sure it is set to Global and add in your postition under the “About You” section and make sure that is also set to Global (the little world icon).

For security reasons you can set whatever you want to keep private or non-public to one of the other settings such as FRIENDS or ONLY YOU. Also be careful of what you show as FRIENDS of FRIENDS as those who are “friends” of yours may accept friends requests from anybody even if they dont know them or think they know them – they would then have access to or can view what is set to Friends of Friends on your profile.

In order to View your Page from a friends’ perspective or see your page as if looked at by someone from the PUBLIC (ie someone you don’t know), then as per below – click on the arrow and choose “View As” …

… then click on the highlighted “public” at the top.  See below for what my profile is set to show the public.


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