Using Pinterest To Collate Web Resources And Share Content

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Pinterest has been hitting the news big time – from fastest growing social site of 2012 to one of the top 10 most visited social networking sites. There have been worrying issues about infringement of copyright and then Flickr responding by disabling pinterest pins on copyrighted images. Either way I think it is a great site and with so much information overload these days, it is nice to have a social site that is very visually focused and simple to use, which I think is one the reasons why it has been so successful.

Pinterest as a resource

Another of the reasons I love it is that I am able to easily collate various resources from the web in one place. In the past I would always bookmark sites that I liked and wanted to go back to for resources or to share with people (some I still have to) – however those bookmarks are stored locally on my computer and I can’t access them from other computers. Now I can add them to Pinterest and will always be able to access them no matter whose computer I am using.  It is like a file management system – where a board is the folder and the pins are all the files. I can then refer to these in a visual way whenever I want… but most important I can now share this content with others hopefully saving them the hours of Googling and browsing through many site to find what they want!

Sharing content on Pinterest

It is very easy to browse through Pinterest quickly and comment, like or share content and also re-pin the content you like to one of your own Boards  The options to share the content include LIKE it which then shows on your Facebook page, TWEET it, EMAIL it or EMBED it.

Adding content to Pinterest

To find new content or pin from the website to your boards just add the PIN IT widget link to your internet browser tool bar, then every time you come across a site you like, as long as it has an image in it, you can pin it to one of your Boards. Simple!

Using Pinterest as a marketing tool

Many companies are all jumping on the bandwagon to market their brand or products and services through Pinterest and it has caused a lot of debate, the same as when they introduced Business Pages on Facebook. It is inevitable in this day and age that people will look at more cost effective ways to market their business and gain awareness as well as connect and build relationships and trust with their customers through social networking.

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog


Best practice for using Pinterest

Remember… it is not all about self promotion. I love this blog I read on Squidoo and here is an excerpt:

“Can I Use Pinterest to Promote My Blog, Website or Squidoo Lens?

The honest answer is both yes and no. YES because the images pinned on Pinterest retain the URL (website link) of their original source and thus link back to that page when clicked. NO because unlike other social media sites, Pinterest is NOT a place for shameless self-promotion. Instead, it is a thriving online community where you can expand your online presence and continue to build your brand. What’s the difference? Let’s break it down with some examples.

Shameless Self-Promotion is…

  • pinning low quality, generic images because you want to increase your blog’s traffic
  • creating an entire board dedicated to the items currently available in your Etsy shop
  • dropping links to your website every time you comment on a pin

Expanding Your Online Presence is…

  • pinning high quality, unique images because you want to share what inspires you
  • commenting on and sharing pins because you genuinely like them
  • pinning one or two items from your Etsy shop because they’re awesome and they fit the theme of your board”   Read more


Now time for you to have your say! Do you love Pinterest? Are you using it for business or pleasure? Please comment below or share this on if you liked it and found it worth sharing!

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