Using Pinterest for Marketing Your Business

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Are you struggling to effectively market your business? Are you overwhelmed by social media. Are you frustrated about getting traffic to website? Then Pinterest may be the perfect solution!

Pinterest is extremely viral with over 80% of pins being repins (retweets are less than 5%) which means your exposure can be huge. The very simple and visual nature of Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity to market your business by being a great source of click-throughs and helping to drive traffic to your blog, website or other sites.

Some Pinterest Statistics

#1. Pinterest has 10 million unique visitors and is one of the fastest growing social sites in history
#2. Pinterest now driving more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined
#3. Pinterest is now driving more traffic than Twitter and Bing
#4. There are over 10 million facebook-connected users on Pinterest
#5. Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide

What to Pin on Pinterest?

#1. Focus on original content
#2. Pin images with text and include a link back to your website page or blog
#3. Pin infographics
#4. Pin checklists
#5. Pin How To tutorials
#6. Pin videos from YouTube or Vimeo

Make sure all these link back to your website, blog or landing pages so you drive traffic back to these sites.

Selling on Pinterest

#1. Pinterest users are twice as likely to buy
#2. 70% of those using pinterest are using it to provide inspiration before buying
#3. Pins with prices get 30% more likes as people are often on there to shop
#4. When you add a price to the description of a pin, it will show up on the pin

how to add an image from your computer to your pin on pinterest and how to add a price on pinterest

Some Pinterest Tips and Tricks

#1. Add a Pin it button to your website on every product
#2. Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Business Page
#3. Include a call to action in the image and description such as Repin or Click Here
#4. Include keywords in your descriptions and/or #hashtags
#5. Pin How To Tutorials
#6. Pin videos from YouTube or Vimeo
#7. Make sure every page or blog has an image so when you or someone else Pins It you can include this image

NEW Pinterest Business Pages!

You can now create a Business Page for Pinterest to represent your company or brand. Click here to set up a business page or convert your existing Pinterest account to a business account.

Pinterest Resources

Business Guidelines and Resources such as Pinterest Logos and Marketing

Pinterest Widgets and Buttons for Business Pages

Add the Pin It Button to your Website Browser Toolbar – then all you need to do is visit any website or blog and click on the Pin It button and add to your Pinterest board – try it out and see how easy it is! But watch out it can become addictive!

Special Pinterest Tips!

#1. If you add an image directly from your computer and want it to link to website or blog or other website, add the image first and then go to Edit pin and add in the web link url
#2. Pins that are 800 – 1000px in height get the most repins followed by those that are 403px in size (the same size as a facebook image post)

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