TOP 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

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While small businesses increasingly look to Facebook marketing as an affordable option to get awareness, many are still struggling to master the BASICS such as page setup:

–  People are still setting up their business as a PROFILE PAGE instead of a BUSINESS PAGE – this is against Facebook
–  Regulations and may result in your page being shut down
–  Setting up a Group  instead of a Page and vice versa

Facebook PAGE or GROUP?

Decide on which one will suits your business/community better and then choose one. See below for differences betweent the two

Here are five more common Facebook marketing mistakes to avoid:

1. Broadcasting

  • Don’t just broadcast
  • Interact with your followers and provide them with relevant content
  • Engage on an continual basis
  • Be Authentic – Facebook is all about authenticity, so if your company is not being authentic or engaging with customers in a way that feels genuine, the community will see right through it
  • Give them a reason to stay – Fans are looking for a reason to connect with you, and they’re showing you that by clicking ‘Like.’
  • Don’t let making money out of Facebook be your focus – it is all about trying to engage customers and provide a meaningful, authentic online experience so your followers feel a part of your community.

2. Not Investing Enough Time

Some business owners are under the impression that if they set up a page on Facebook, that’s all they have to do… that people will just naturally come and want to be a fan of their product or service.

Well NO. It takes commitment. You can’t just create a Facebook Page and just let it run its course, the page needs to be updated and monitored constantly.

It’s not just fan growth that will suffer if you don’t invest time and planning —it may also hurt your relationships with existing fans, particularly customers who have come to expect timely responses to their posts and queries.

3. Being Boring or Predictable

It is important to remember that Facebook is a social place where people share things they find funny, interesting or useful with their friends:

  • Think about what kind of content your fans would actually want to share when planning your posts.
  • Mix up your status updates – a video here, a photo there, a tag of one of your fans here.
  • Keep it varied and personal – if you become predictable, boring or annoying, they’ll hide you from their feed.
  • Don’t continually auto-publish content from your blog or Twitter feed
  • Use Facebook’s native publishing tools to gain the most benefit from Facebook.

NB! Whatever you do, DON’T AUTOMATE EVERYTHING. It’s nice to ‘set and forget,’ but the risk is three-fold:

  • Publishing systems sometimes have issues
  • Facebook places low-priority on auto-published content
  • Fans will know you are doing this as you won’t be engaging personally in real time

4. Failing to Learn About Facebook Mechanics and Tools

Some businesses have yet to explore what Facebook is capable of. They are missing out on creating an optimal brand experience.

  • Use the Info tab to introduce yourself to the Facebook audience
  • Create a custom welcome page or landing tab – you can be creative as you want with video etc.
  • A common mistake – thumbnail showing only part of your logo – make sure the thumbnail image that shows up in news feeds captures your entire logo or at least the most import part of your logo as this is you brand going out there and it looks unprofessional!
  • Use Facebook’s built-in analytics system to analyze post-performance to see what types of content gets the most engagement

5. Violating Facebook’s Terms

Know the rules of the road!  What are the most common violations?

  • Building a community or business on a personal page instead of a proper Facebook Page
  • Failing to abide by Facebook’s rules when around running contests
  • Don’t “tag” people who are in an image without their permission – Tagging people to get their attention is not only a violation of Terms but can be reported by those you are tagging as abusive behavior on your part – which brings your violation to Facebook’s attention and opens your page’s content to review.

If you do violate these your page could be shut down and remove all of your hard work!

The right way to set up a Facebook business page

You should only have ONE personal profile on Facebook. From this you can then create your business page or pages – provided you own that business or you are doing it on behalf of them. You must NOT create another profile in order to create a Page, there is no need to as your profile is kept separate from your page:

  • Admins only show up on a Page if you choose to show it
  • You can add and remove admins on pages
  • When you edit the page you can choose the settings you want which only apply to THAT page

To give you an example – I am an admin for 6 different pages  which I have help set up and help to manage. No-one knows that I am the admin on those pages. And all this is all done from my ONE personal profile – ONE LOG-IN to Facebook.

Facebook GENERAL Terms and Conditions – particularly Points 4 &5
Facebook PAGES  Terms and Conditions.

To avoid these common mistakes, invest time in learning about the Facebook platform, educate yourself on how to build and sustain an audience, and don’t forget to engage with people like you do in real life.


What sets small businesses apart from large companies is their ability to make personal connections with customers. They tend to forget this when they join Facebook, yet it’s their biggest strength and asset.

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