The Future of Social Signals and How to Explain Twitter To Your Parents

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SEO: Social signals are increasing in importance with regard to the ranking algorithm

The importance of social signals is increasing with time, but raises the following questions:

  • How and why do social signals improve rankings?
  • What’s the future of social signals with regard to SEO?
  • What steps should be taken right now to improve my website’s social signals?

So how and why do social signals improve rankings?

The most powerful indirect impact of social media is its ability to generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility. If you’re able to be found, you’re able to be linked to, and links are still the most important and valuable ranking factor.

Consumers that are familiar with a particular brand via social media interaction are more likely to become repeat visitors of a website and spend more time there, increasing the average “time-on-site” metric.

What’s the future of social signals with regard to SEO?

The world is becoming more social. People are more likely to trust a website recommended personally by their friends than by a search engine. Websites with a strong social presence are more easily shareable and accessible, and thus easier to recommend. Search engines can also analyze these shares as recommendations, boosting the credibility (and rankings) of the website.



how to explain twitter to a newbieHow to Explain Twitter to Your Parents

Twitter is like a 24-hour party and everyone is invited – you can come and go as you please. Twitter offers the opportunity to make new friends and meet people whom one might not have met otherwise. On Twitter, you can use the @username to introduce yourself to someone. On Twitter you can search for conversations by putting in words, phrase and #hashtags to find what you are interested in – then join the party!

Like at a party you can move from one group to another to talk to different people – however on Twitter the world is your oyster. It does take time but soon these circles of contacts become genuine communities. You get to know those who follow you and who you follow and you can have real conversations with them.


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