Give And You Shall Receive …Well That Is The Theory

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Are you looking for more ways you can interact with your audience and build relationships with your ideal clients? Do you want to get more awareness and reach for your business?

Yes?  Then I hope this blog can point you in the right direction. I have included many of the tips and methods that I am using to engage with and support my community on social media.

Facebook and LinkedIn

  • I try to as often as possible, even if it’s only every other day or a few times a week, to have a read through and like share and comment on the posts of my connections and those pages I have liked
  • It keeps me engaged with my community
  • It can help to keep me top of mind
  • Everything I like or comment on then shows up that post in the feeds (and can be seen by) all those in my network
  • People can see what interests me or what value and expertise I can offer and who I am connected with
  • It gives awareness and promotion to the person who posted it
  • Your community will appreciate that you are engaging or endorsing them – so they don’t feel like  they are just posting out into the abyss and not being recognised for the valuable advice or content they are putting out there
  • Comment in group discussions on LinkedIn to provide feedback, value or answers to questions or even ask questions
  • Many a LinkedIn discussion has prompted a blog post so these can be a great source for ideas for creating new content


  • When I retweet something from one of my community on twitter I tend to post as comments where possible to keep branding intact e.g. RT @username or … via @username
  • They get a notification of the mention
  • Those following our posts could also connect with them or they could retweet it to their audience and so your audience can grow
  • I try and refer people to each other, for example @username thought this may be of interest or @username meet @username think you should be connected because …
  • Use lists on twitter to better organise those to keep in touch with and target with relevant information
  • Use Echofon or phone with Buffer to do retweets
  • Can also use something like which is a great tool for managing Twitter


  • Use Feedly, a great little app I can use across all my devices
  • Add all the feeds of those who are engaged or I want to engage with, plus influencers and those with great content
  • Read through every few days and post out the content that I think is valuable and interesting and could provide value to my audience
  • Provides me with content to post out and ALSO gives them promotion and a mention
  • If my post with their links are clicked it drives traffic to their website which helps with their SEO and so on
  • If you mention them in the post (which you should try to) whether that’s an @username in linkedin, twitter or Facebook or a +username in Google Plus, they can then get a notification and can track this and realise you are sharing their content and so engage with you
  • If they then reshare this to their audience it gives you possible access to a new audience

Spread the love!

Remember that a lot of effort goes into creating blog posts or producing a presentation on slideshare and so on, content creation, so:

  • Comments and people sharing or discussing – whether on the blog itself or in posts on social media – is invaluable to the producer of that content and hey they could learn something new in return!
  • It is a thank you to the content creator for giving out that valuable and free information, but also shows them confirmation that what they are doing is of interest and value
  • Comments on the blog itself are even more valuable as it is there forever, invites discussion and keeps a dialogue going
  • People who may visit the blog in years to come can still see the feedback, extra tips and links and so on – have you gone to blogs and found answers in the comments section? I have .. If people only comment on the posts in social media, this could disappear into the abyss …  I am guilty of this myself and will make more of a concerted effort!
  • Commenting, whether on posts or blogs, can raise your awareness and profile and get you noticed by other readers and the blogger – a like minded audience or possibly your niche target market
  • Don’t be scared to comment for fear of looking unknowledgeable – people want to help solve people’s problems and also show their expertise 🙂 so are only to happy to answer.

I would love to hear your what you are doing to engage with your audience on social media – please tell! Or if you get any results from putting some of the above into practice, please do come back and let me know. You can login via Facebook or Twitter below and leave and comment 🙂 or watch out for the posts on social media.


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