Social Media Checklist for Businesses

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Start planning your social media schedule with this handy guide to posting on the various social networks. Do you find you are always asking yourself these questions about social media ?

  • How many times should I blog? And how do I get people to my blog?
  • What should I post on Facebook and how often should I update my Company status?
  • How do I get more followers on Twitter and how many times should I tweet each day?
  • What should I be doing on LinkedIn to make it work for me as a business?
  • What is Google+ and how do I even get started?
  • How can Pinterest benefit my business and how can I use it to drive traffic back to my Blog or Website?
  • What about Video Marketing and how can I be using it for my business?

Well hopefully this lovely infographic by the Whole Brain Group will give you a helping hand to planning your social media.

Although it may not give you all the answers and secrets, we hope it will give you a starting guide to scheduling your plan for social media!


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