Why Everyone In Your Company Needs Social Media Training

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Your biggest advocate is your own team.  Despite having your best asset at your own disposal,  social media and communications is so often considered the role of the marketer and companies fail to realise the benefits of getting employees across the company to promote the business message. What are the benefits of getting all employees involved in social media? Too … Read More

14 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn Tips and Tricks I have listed some key social media tips and tricks to get you going on on the social networks and improve your marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. You can also take a look at the presentation that follows which gives you a visual view of the points I mention below along with … Read More

A Few Little Social Media Tricks

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Here are a few little social media tricks I have put together .. all in the spirit of Halloween! 1. Everyone loves a recommendation and mention When you mention, tag, comment or like someones’ social media post, you are starting to engage with them. By engaging or recommending someone’s post and sharing it with your audience, you start to build … Read More

Social Media Checklist for Businesses

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Start planning your social media schedule with this handy guide to posting on the various social networks. Do you find you are always asking yourself these questions about social media ? How many times should I blog? And how do I get people to my blog? What should I post on Facebook and how often should I update my Company … Read More

How Travel Brands Are Using Social Media to Achieve ROI

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Most travel companies spend less than 25% of their marketing budget on social media. 61% say they will increase social marketing spend. Travel companies are more active on Facebook than any other social media sites. Youtube is popular among cruise companies. Travel marketers surveyed found that using social media reduced PR costs by 24% For more information and statistics click … Read More

A Simple 7 Step Social Media Strategy

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1. Set your goals: Set your goals and priorities Create a list of top things you want to achieve e.g. increase new sales by 15%, increase business with existing customers by 30%; increase profit margins by 20% Existing customers: stay in their minds, engage with them and inform them of new products New customers: send out good content, network, email … Read More