Should You Be Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

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Back in November, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages as an addition to LinkedIn Company Pages. A LinkedIn Showcase Page offers a separate channel to highlight an individual brand, a product, a service or an initiative. It enables you to share specific content with a targeted audience so they can follow only the aspects of your business that of interest to them.

What can you do on LinkedIn Showcase Pages ?

  • Include a large image – what is called a “hero image” – across the top of the page
  • Include information about your company and links to your other showcase pages below this image
  • Post organic company updates – this content is formatted in two columns
  • Create sponsored updates for greater reach and to your target audience
  • Even though it is linked to the Company Page it is still treated like a separate page with its own analytics
  • You can have admins manage the Showcase Page which are separate from your Company Page

The difference between LinkedIn Showcase Pages and a LinkedIn Company Pages

What a Company Page offers that a Showcase Page does not is

  • Associating employee profile with a company
  • Associating job posting with a company
  • Career Pages
  • Products & Services
Overview on the FEATURES and DIFFERENCES between LinkedIn Company Pages and Showcase Pages

The benefits of having a Showcase Page

  • Separate content for a targeted audience or products so people only get the posts that are relevant to them
  • Drive more engagement and build relationships with a targeted community which could result in better lead generation
  • Targeted messages will have more impact as people are not having to wade through the posts that are of no interest to them
  • Having separate analytics from your Company Page helps you build a better picture for a particular audience and get valuable insights on your followers such as engagement, trends and demographics (industry, location and so on)
  • For those you might not to administer your company page, you can give them access to only your Showcase Page
  • You can run campaigns and get only the analytics for this campaign or you can do some split testing by running on separate pages to measure the effectiveness of a campaign or initiative

What you need to consider before setting up a Showcase Page

  • More pages to manage and keep updated and engage people on, rather than just one (i.e. your company page)
  • More resources to keep the page updated and engaged so you need to establish if this is viable and if it’s smart use of your time
  • You can’t view them from your apps it seems
  • As far as I am aware you cannot yet schedule posts to it from social management tools so this has to be done manually
  • It may confuse people when searching for your company page that they click on a showcase page instead – so they may not then get all the benefits of seeing your company page and its offerings. You can link back to your company page from a showcase page but it is hidden under the read more tab so it is not very obvious (see below)
  • Be aware if you create a showcase page, you can’t delete it automatically – you will need to contact LinkedIn and ask them to delete it for you

Example of Showcase Page

LinkedIn Showcase Page Example

default view

LinkedIn Showcase Page Example

open “see more” tab to view other pages and link to Company Page


At present on your LinkedIn Company Page you have one activity feed which goes to all the followers of your page. However you can do some targeting on there, which may mean a showcase page is not necessary:

  • you can target specific posts to a target audience (of your followers) by location, company size, industry and so on
  • you can also create variations of your services page to serve to custom audiences based on their profile content

However these targeting options may only be useful when you have a good amount of followers on your Company Page.

How to get more followers on your LinkedIn Showcase Page

  • Although the Showcase Page does not feature as a tab on your Company Page, when you create the icons for the Showcase Page it will then show up on the right hand side of your Company Page under “other company pages” which link to your Showcase Page (see example below)
  • You can create a Service on your Company Page with a link to the Showcase Page
  • Use one of the banners on your services page with a call to action and link it to the Showcase Page
  • Add a link from your website, emails and other marketing channels
  • Send out posts with a link to your showcase page

Example of Company Page with links to Showcase Pages

LinkedIn COmpany Page with Link to Showcase page


A big thank you to Rob Thomas from for letting me use screenshots to show you examples and also for his  input on LinkedIn group discussions which inspired me to write this blog.

So how are you using Showcase Pages or are you considering using them? Have you got any other tips and ideas that you would care to share? I would love to hear – please leave your comments below and let’s get the discussion going!


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