Rights for Rhino – Musina to Cape Town

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Paul (known as Chewy) and Sboniso (known as Spoon) will hit the road tomorrow in Musina and start the long three month walk south, all the way to Cape Town. Thats 2000kms! Before you ask, no, they are not loony, but they are passionate about conservation and have decided that this is their way of highlighting the plight of Rhino in Africa.

l-r, Chewy, Dr. Ian Player and Spoon

Now a walk is just a walk, but these guys plan to stop, meet, talk to and educate people along the way. They are hoping to spread their message through all the communities that they come into contact with, from school kids to old folks, who may remember when the Rhino was under less threat. If you are along the route that Chewy and Spoon are walking, take some time out of your day to stop and have a chat with them.

The pre-eminent conservationist, Dr Ian Player met with Chewy and Spoon to lend his support to this venture and to offer some of his own wisdom, ‘We all share this earth and evolved together. We all have an equal right to a place under the sun and all wild creatures are man’s brothers and sisters’.  The message is that we all have to get involved in the preservation of our earth and its beings. If we don’t care then it will be lost.

Both Chewy and Spoon have their roots in KwaZulu-Natal. Chewy grew up in Pietermaritzburg, attended Maritzburg College and was a game ranger for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife from 1999 to 2007. He still lives in Umfolozi and is still passionate about conservation in the area and its people. Chewy is so rooted in this community that he even sounds like a Zulu when he speaks Zulu. Spoon also grew up in Pietermaritzburg and works for Protrack anti-poaching. He is a regular contributer of articles on anti-poaching and conservation in KwaZulu-Natal.

These two conservationists were meant to meet and they were meant to raise awareness for Rhino. We are not sure if they were meant to walk from Musina to Cape Town (2000kms) but they choose to. We all make choices, some difficult and some easy. The easy choice for us is to support this cause and to continue to support conservation in and around our communities.

There is loads more info on their website – www.rightsforrhinos.co.za

Make a donation: http://rightsforrhinos.co.za/donations/

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