Signature African Safaris

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Signature Africa Safaris is a UK based African tour operator. They needed a new website to replace their outdated offering. Mamba Media designed a new site from thr ground up. We incorporated all the keyword reaserch into the sitemap, layout and design. Signature Africn Safaris wnated a unique way for their customers to browse the site so we deigned a unques set of maps for the purpose. Signature African Safaris sells trips to clients in multiple countries so they need to be able to manage the pricing structure in the backend. We developed a bespoke managemnt area for this purpose.


Design and developement of the new Signature Africa Safaris website. Monthly management and on-going consultancy.

Design and develope a unique set of interactive maps. Used as secondary navigation and for extra content.

Design and develope a bespoke pricing management area for itineraries.