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SATOA is a leading professional travel and tourism association that promotes travel and tourism to Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. SATOA members include tourist boards, airlines, hotel groups, private game reserves or lodges, tour operators, car hire companies, representation, PR and marketing companies, and more.


Design and create email newsletter templates for SATOA; Management of email campaigns for SATOA; create email blasts and invites for SATOA events and promotion

Customise Twitter; Set-up YouTube; Create avatars for social media; Ad-hoc updates, customisation and welcome landing pages for Facebook

Re-branding of Powerpoint presentations for SATOA travel agent workshops

Design and print business cards; Design of map pop-up banner for SATOA and SATOA destinations map; Design of promotional posters for SATOA events

Design and project management for SATOA website

Karen was a committee member of SATOA, helping to drive the association forward in terms of strategy and marketing and provide them with design and e-marketing solutions.