Optimising Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

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This is Part 2 in my series on Using LinkedIn for Business. I have included:

  • tips on how to optimise you LinkedIn personal profile
  • best practice for adding skills and expertise
  • how to use Endorsements more effectively to promote your profile

Tips For Optimising Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

optimising your personal linkedin profileClick on Edit and you will get access to all the sections to begin editing your profile

  1. Ensure your LinkedIn bio describes what you do and uses key words that can be found when people are searching for potential employees or leads. Don’t just put Owner of ….
  2. Add you LinkedIn Company Page (we will go into company pages in a later blog) which will help strengthen your brand and show more about your business and what you do
  3. Link to your Twitter account and also include links to your different websites – make it a little more appealing – so instead of just BLOG write what the blog is about
  4. Claim your LinkedIn Vanity URL – so instead of having a whole lot of numbers – customise it to be your own

Adding LinkedIn Skills and Expertise

You can just click on edit and being adding your skills – once you start adding you will be prompted with a lists of related skills so you can just choose one and click on Add.

The key thing to remember is ensure that your skills and expertise are relevant to what you do now (especially the ones in the Top 10) so they must relate to your bio and summary. If you have skills in there which are from previous jobs, it will not help strengthen what you are currently trying to promote.

being strategic about adding your linkedin skills and expertiseInstead of just adding skills and expertise from your Edit Profile and going by the suggestions that they come up with, why not try a be a bit more targeted and strategic.

  1. Go to the More menu button at the top of the page and then click on Skills & Expertise.
  2. Put in a general search term that is closely related to your area of expertise and click on “Search”.
  3. You will then be taken to a new page where you can type in your skill and see suggestions
  4. Look at the green percentage – The value being shown is a “Year on Year” trend of the level of competency being searched for, or posted on LinkedIn. If green then it is on the increase from previous years, and red is a decline. So having posted your skills, you need to make sure as many of them are green . . . . or change them for something more common.

Click here for further information on LinkedIn Skills & Expertise.

How To Make The Most Out Of LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn automatically lists your skills on your profile from those that receive the most endorsements to those that receive the least.

When someone visits your profile, at the top of the page LinkedIn displays a limited selection of skills from your list for people to endorse – this is displayed randomly, so people may choose to endorse you for skills which are near the bottom of your list and miss the skills for which you would prefer to have endorsements.

Bearing these two things in mind, it is important that the skills you list really are the ones which you want to be known for and endorsed for. So keep these short and targeted.

The news skills endorsements will also help to promote you and the person endorsing you as it appears in both your and their activity timeline for others to see. Thank people for endorsing you by message or click the LIKE button when it shows up in your Activity timeline on your profile page.

What next?

Have you signed up to LinkedIn yet? No? Then sign up now – http://www.linkedin.com – or visit our previous blog for reasons and benefits as to why you should be on LinkedIn.

Please leave your comments below on tips you have for optimising your LinkedIn profile and using Skills and Endorsements.

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