Twitter Follow, Google +1 and Apply with LinkedIn

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Twitter follow button

Twitter has unveiled the Follow button, yet another way for brands to integrate social media with their existing content, similar to the Like, Share and Send buttons from Facebook.

The Follow button enables users to subscribe to an account with a single click from the web site or content item where the button is embedded without requiring visitors to go off their page.

You need to be logged in to Twitter or you will be prompted to join or log in.

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Google +1 button

You can now include the Google +1 button on your website.

Google is hoping that button’s integration in search results will make it an attractive option to those who use it, as they stand to gain more traffic when their visitors start “+1ing” content.

Google search users need to opt in to it hough. You’ll only start to see your friends’ recommendations next to search results once you’ve opted in and are signed into your Google account. Presently, it’s also only available on English-language search results.

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“Apply with LinkedIn” Job application bUTTON

LinkedIn will launch a button for employers’ websites called “Apply With LinkedIn” that allows job candidates to submit their LinkedIn profiles as resumes, according to a report.

Aside from making it easier for candidates to apply for jobs, the plugin uses applicants’ data to automatically sort candidates for the employer. If a company wants more than a LinkedIn profile to vet candidates, it can use additional questions from a template, add customized questions or request a cover letter. Submissions can be sent to an email address, a URL or JavaScript callback.

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