New And Enhanced Twitter Pages Roll Out to More Businesses

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Twitter has started rolling out its enhanced brand pages to more advertisers. The new style allows more customization of the page and branding and the ability to have featured content.

A UK beta group testing out the NEW look Twitter Pages include Asda, Cadbury and Sky. The enhanced profile pages can feature a profile banner near the top under the logo and bio. They also have the ability to show a featured tweet at the top of the tweets list.  These promoted tweets can be targeted according to location and if they contain images, videos or links then these will show as expanded content (as seen in the examples below).

Go to the Pixar Twitter Page to See the New Branding Layout in Action

View the new brand Anobii Twitter Page

Click here to View the new look Nike Twitter Page

Check out the new Volkswagen Twitter Page



Not everyone is being given the chance to try out the new enhance profiles – you can only get an Enhanced Profile Page if you are verified by Twitter.

Does that mean we all have to make it BIG before we can get access to the cool stuff? What are your thoughts?

Have you found some good examples of how brands are using the new enhanced twitter layout? Please share them with us!

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