My Big Facebook Rant

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Who else is getting annoyed with the constant changes to Facebook? My newsfeed is now clogged up with suggested pages to like, suggested friends, suggested posts and so on.

I friend people and follow companies on Facebook (Facebook Business Pages) because I want to see what they have to say and to engage with them.

Then if those I follow are posting too much or it’s really not of interest then I either hide them from the feed or I unlike the Facebook Page.

So tell me Facebook .. WHY do YOU decide what I should see and what I should not??

Why am I not seeing page posts in my newsfeed? Why are people not seeing mine? .. and I’m talking about those who want to see it (and yes they interact my page a lot – like and comment and share – so its not down to Facebook’s supposed EdgeRank!) .. also quite a few people mentioned quite a while back that they loved seeing our posts so I said to them “oh I had no idea because you don’t like the post or comment or share it” and they said they don’t necessarily like to always like or comment on posts – maybe for privacy reasons or perhaps because they don’t want people to see what they are liking or commenting on. So are they no longer seeing them because of the EdgeRank algorithm?

Did You Know?

It is estimated only 8% of your followers see you posts in their newsfeeds due to the Facebook filtering service and will this only get worse now that valuable space is being taken up by promoted posts and advertising?

So yes, you can obviously advertise or pay to promote a post so you can ensure people see them in their newsfeeds, but quite a lot of sentiment is that people don’t want to see those kind of posts clogging up their newsfeeds,  just like me, so the last thing I want is to have to pay to have my posts shoved in people’s newsfeeds.

What I want to see is Facebook delivering the best experience for the end user and I don’t think they are doing that. If they like what I say on personal posts or on my business page posts then great .. if not they can either hide all my feeds or certain types of posts or just unlike my page… SIMPLE!

Facebook and those promoting on their behalf have enticed businesses to be on there and almost make everyone feel like they need to be on there or they are missing out. So many small businesses have set up their business on there and are investing a lot of time and effort, but at what cost and for what return? Yes Facebook serves a great purpose for businesses on Facebook, depending on your goals of course and if you have a strategy. It can generate awareness, brand loyalty and be used as a customer relationship marketing tool and is even generating a lot of business for people. However if you are a small business with limited resources, you also have to look at the time invested (time is money too) versus the return and look at how effective Facebook is in delivering your ROI (return on investment).  Also you need to try and keep up with constant changes – profile photo size changes, posts size changes, what works well then doesn’t, and now with the new timeline (again), will that mean new image sizes, changing all tabs etc again? Will keep you posted.

So now that you are on there do you just keep plugging on and hope you get the return you want or start advertising and promoting posts to get noticed? Or do you just move to another network that will deliver a better return and focus on that instead?

Ok now it is your time to RANT or RAVE for Facebook! I would love to hear what you think.

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