Image Resources And Websites to Gain Exposure For Your Photography

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The online photo site where you can network with like-minded people and showcase your photography. Includes social share options and comments. There are free and paid accounts so check what suits you. Make sure you TAG as many things about the photos as possible as these are linked to the search box. This increases the chance of more people visiting your work.

Wikimedia Commons

This is the media section of Wikipedia. A professional photographer stands a good chance of getting their pictures “featured” or even as a “featured picture of the day” on the front page which has around 40k page views/day!


Free stock images that anyone can use for their own blogs and websites. Great for exposure as a photographer and increasing traffic back to your own website by including the URL in your profile.

iStockphoto / Shutterstock / Fotalia and other Image Libraries

Make money by selling your photos through these websites. If you are looking for images and videos to use on your website, blog, for print or promotional work that you can use without infringing copyright laws, then take a look at these sites to buy royalty free stock – be sure to check the conditions of use!


A great way for photographers to attempt to make some money on the side by selling prints and t-shirts. When you sign up you will receive your own blog, allowing you to post whatever you like. This is a great feature as search engines such as Google can pick up your blog and bring more traffic to your profile.

You can price your own prints, so you sell your work for the price you feel it is worth. All the profit from the image will go to you (RedBubble will just take the cost of production from you).

Image Copyright and Terms of Use – beware of copyright breach or you could get a fine!

Although you may not make a fortune selling photographs through an image library as opposed to your own site, it does take away the hassle, the cost of marketing it and also they are able to digitally track your images and see when they are used in breach of copyright (as many include some sort of digital signature which you cannot see).

For the end user you must ensure you check all terms and conditions on image site – if it says Free it often means you must include a credit or link to the site or author. If you buy royalty free then it means you pay for the image but often it can only be used then for one client or in one website.

People often assume if you find an image on Google search, you can just use it. However this is not the case and if you do use an image you may be in breach of Copyright – should the author have this image digitally tracked then you could end up paying a very hefty fine!

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