How to Generate Leads and Sales on Twitter

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Ok so we’ve all heard of Twitter being referred to as “the cocktail party” of social media. It is a fantastic place to network and communicate. However one of the biggest mistakes businesses make with Twitter is not realising that Twitter is also the place to generate leads and make sales.

Here are some Lead Generation Tips and Tactics on How to Sell on Twitter:

#1.  Dedicated Twitter Landing Page

In your bio where you have your website link, instead of just linking to the main page of your website, try sending them to a dedicated Twitter landing page that offers some valuable content or a free download in return for their email or details that they can fill out in a lead capture form.
You can also tweet your links to these landing pages.

#2.  Advanced Twitter Search

Use the free Advanced Twitter Search to look for leads then start conversing with them and share content with them which you think will be valuable to them or help answer their questions. When people talk about services and products related to your business and what you offer, give them helpful information and also tweet about positive reviews and testimonials that you have received.

#3.  Twitter Chats in Your Industry

Get involved in a Twitter Chats with people in your industry and target audience: for example #TTOT – Travel Talk On Twitter – takes place every Tuesday at both 9:30am and 9:30pm (GMT), allowing travel lovers from time zones across the world to take part. Click here to view 6 of the best travel chats on Twitter.

#4. Link Your Blog to Twitter

Connect your blog to Twitter if you want it to automatically post your latest blog post. Link your tweets back to your blog posts and ensure there is a lead generation call to action on the blog.

#5.  Tweet Your Offers

Control how often you share your offers though, perhaps 1 in 4 tweets, to ensure you don’t annoy and spam your followers!

#6.  Offer Something Free

Instead of selling directly, offer freebies that could later lead to sales such as discounts or vouchers. Another example is you could give away Part 1 of your video series but have a link leading to purchase the entire series.

#7.  Get Your Employees to Tweet

Pre-create tweets that your employees can tweet to spread the word about a promotion or campaign that you are running. By creating it for them you can keep within your social media guidelines plus increase the chances that they’ll help out with your promotion as it is very easy for them to just tweet what you have given them.

#8.  Try Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets is Twitter’s paid advertising platform. These can be targeted to keywords, followers and to promote offers and more.

Any other tips you have to share or questions you have on Generating Leads and Selling on Twitter? Please leave your comments and questions below or contact me on @mambamedia.

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