How And What To Post On Twitter

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If you are new to the Twittershere, then take a look at our previous blog How to Set Up and Optimise Your Twitter Page. Once you have set up your account then you can take a look here for the basics on how to post a tweet.

Retweet (RT) safe zone

When someone shares your tweet via “RT @username,” you need to make sure tweets have a solid 10-20 characters of legroom so they can add this and also their additional text. 120-130 character tweets also have the highest click-through rates.

How to retweet

If you want to keep your branding on your Twitter feed intact use Quotes or manually write posts rather than only using the retweet button. That way the post looks like it comes from you. For example:

  • RT @username: …….
  • ……….. via @username

retweet or quote

Direct messages

You need to both be following each other to allow direct messaging (DM) if you don’t want to speak to them in the public eye.

The difference between a reply and a mention

Twitter differentiates between a “reply” and a “mention” depending on where you place the @ – at the start is registered as a reply and will only appear on your profile and the feeds of people who follow you both – if you want this to be seen by all who follow you then don’t put the @ at the start of a tweet, instead ….. @username …

Engaging on twitter

Mention people (@username) and share others’ tweets, interact with people like you would in conversation – it is not all about you just broadcasting. Network! Introduce people to each other for example, @username meet @username

Using keywords in tweets

Use keywords that you want to be found for in your posts to help boost your SEO (being found in search engines) – but use sparingly.

Tracking links in social media

If your links are too long, use a URL shortener such as and Not only does this allow for more space to write your post but the link can also be tracked so you can see what posts get the most engagement and be more targeted in your approach.

Don’t post to Facebook from Twitter

I would not recommend having your Twitter linked to post automatically to Facebook as this is where the communication stops:

  • people are unable to “like” “share” or “comment” on those posts in Facebook
  • they may not know what Twiter is and therefore wonder what the posts mean for example @…
  • your fans on Facebook can see your content is not targeted at them so it just looks like you are being lazy
  • your audience on Facebook is probably very different to your audience on Twitter so you should adjust posts and content accordingly
  • use a programme such as Hootsuite to post to several platforms if you really need to automate anything and post the same post, however it has been said that if you post from 3rd party platforms to Facebook it can affect Edgerank and your reach on Facebook so it is better to post in Facebook directly

Posting images and videos to Twitter

You can add or share your photos and videos directly to Twitter. If you want to post videos to Twitter then you can use Vine

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