How to Re-Engage Your Fans That Are Not Seeing Your Facebook Posts

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Did you know that as little as 16% of your fans see your Facebook Page feeds?

This is due to Facebook’s algorithm called EdgeRank which filters out those posts that it deems irrelevant to your fans. So in simple terms if certain fans have not interacted with your posts for some time – that is LIKED a post, COMMENTED on a post or SHARED a post – then your posts are most likely not going to show in their News Feeds anymore.

So how do you re-engage with those fans again?

There are a few ways you can do this:

1. Run a Facebook Event or Facebook Promotion

Run a marketing campaign via your website, email marketing or offline marketing directing them to the Facebook Event or App.

2. Make sure your followers have your page set to show in their newsfeeds

This could be a bit of a tricky to get or ask them to do this – so all of those out there that have LIKED a page … please go to the pages you liked and do the following:

Hover over the LIKED button as per below and click “Show in News Feed” – simple!

Make Facebook Page Posts Show in News Feed

3. Use Facebook Ads

There are 3 types:

Traditional Ads:

These range from Ads that drive people to your Website or Facebook page to Ads that drive people to a Facebook App, Promotion or Event

Sponsored Stories:

These can be done in a number of ways: Like a Facebook Page or Post; Comment or Answer a Question; Interact with a Facebook App; Check-in or Respond to an Event

Promoted Posts:

This is currently available only to pages with over 400 likes and fewer than 100,000 likes

Do you have any other tips you have used for re-engaging fans? Would you like to know more about what to post to help engage your Facebook fans and get more likes and comments or ways you can use Facebook Ads? Please leave your comments below or get in touch with me on our Facebook Page.

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