How to Set Up and Optimise Your Twitter Page

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When you set up your Twitter account it is really important that you optimise it – not only will this help with your rankings in search results – but it will also ensure consistency for your brand and ensure potential followers have come to the right place.

Your photo or logo

Use a good quality photo or logo as your profile picture / avatar – make sure this matches what you use on other social networks and your website for consistency and credibility. Also ensure it is the correct size so you can view the thumbnail correctly and that the logo is not cut off when it is resized to a thumbnail – how to create a profile picture for Twitter

Add a backround to your Twitter page

Create a custom background in line with your branding – this link will take you to a video to help you set up your background – if you are unable to do this yourself and need help creating this then get in touch with me or your designer.

how to create a twitter background

Filling out your Twitter setttingsAdjust colours to match your branding

Make sure you complete and fill out all your details and adjust the colours in “design” to match your brand and help your background image blend in to the background when viewed on various computer screen sizes.

Your twitter bio or profile

Make sure your Twitter page includes your company name, logo and URLs and information about what you are going to post about on Twitter. People can then check you are not a spammer and it gives your page and brand credibility. Urls to other site will also help drive people to your sites you wish to send them to.

Choosing a Twitter username

Keep twitter handles (your twitter username @…. ) spam-free – for example “@name23” could be disregarded not only by potential followers but also by Google as they cannot differentiate who is real or not – be unique and professional and try use your company name for consistent branding and a name that that can be easily remembered and identified.


Include keywords in your bio profile that you want to be found for and make sure it is attention-grabbing as this description may show up in search results or on other social profiles such as Klout that pull in your Twitter bio.

Using hashtags in your profile

You can also use #keywords in your profile for example #twitter if it is relevant to what you tweet about – but don’t go overboard!

Don’t protect your tweets!

I quite often come across “this person has protected their tweets” – I don’t really see the purpose of this and feel this can be a barrier to getting new followers amongst a huge amount of other disadvantages. If you are trying to avoid spammers and they do follow you then simply don’t follow them back, don’t thank them with @ and ignore them and hopefully they will soon leave again or just BLOCK them – check out this blog on the 10 Reasons to NOT Protect Your Tweets


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