How to Monitor Twitter and Measure ROI

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This is Part 7 and the final part of this Series on How to Twitter – our little birds are going to take a rest from teaching for a while, so I can give some of the other Social Media Platforms a little of attention and some of the limelight!

If you missed any of our series take a look here:

Monitoring Twitter and Measuring Your Return of Investment (ROI) of Twitter

What you need to do before you start to measure your Twitter ROI:

  1. Define your social media goal
  2. Based on the goal, define your social media return
  3. Finally, define how you will achieve that goal or tie sales to the social media return

There are a number of Strategies you could use so that you are able to easily track and measure your Twitter Activity or Campaign and therefore Measure your Return on Investment (ROI). For example:

you could direct tweets to a specific landing page on your website where you can sell your product or capture contact information to follow up with; or provide your followers with a campaign–only coupon code so this can be measured when used to purchase something.

Setting up a Campaign using Links that you can use in your Tweets

Using Google Analytics URL Builder, you can set up various campaigns and create unique links for those campaigns to find out which tweets generate the most leads and clicks. By setting up a number of links you can work out which tweet did the best over the duration of a campaign!

  1. Set up a Google Analytics account and go to Google Analytics URL Builder
  2. Copy and paste the website URL (ie landing page) you will be linking to in your social media promotion
  3. Fill in the Campaign fields: Source can be Twitter, Social Media, etc;  Medium distinguishes between different tweets so Tweet 1 and Tweet 2; Names is to help differentiate between different campaigns
  4. Keep a record of everything so you can refer to it later
  5. Generate a URL and use this in your tweets.
  6. You can also set up Google Alerts for a particular keyword or phrase used in your campaign so you can monitor mentions and track the success of the campaign.

Working out the ROI across a Variety of Criteria

Cost per Impression

Take the number of people that could have seen your tweet (impressions) and divide it by the amount spent on the campaign (whether that is hours or money)

Cost per Engagement

Aggregate how people engaged with the content (re-tweets, clicks, @replies) and divide it by the cost

Cost per Click

Take the total number of clicks and divide them by the cost of the campaign – to track clicks you can use a shortener such as the one create in Google URL Builder or create shortlinks in or or another of your choice that enables measurement of those link-clicks.

Cost per Site Visitor

Take the total number of website visits and divide this by the total cost of the campaign.

Cost per Subscriber

Take the number of those who signed up or provided contact details for you to follow up with and divide this by the cost of the campaign

Tools to Monitor and Measure Your Twitter Efforts

There are many monitoring and measurement tools available, and many of them offer a free basic option or take a small monthly fee for more in depth analytics and features. In addition to Google Analytics, here are some worth checking out:

Twitonomy gives you analytics on your mentions, re-tweets, followers and #hashtags


The Archivist is an online tool to archive, analyze, visualize, save and export tweets based on a search term or hashtag.

the archivist for social media tweets

TweetLevel gives you the low down on your Influence, Popularity, Engagement and Trust and tells you how to improve them.

Tweet level twitter influence analyst

Tweet Grader measures the power of your Twitter profile by scoring you out of 100 based on the number and power of your followers, follower-to-following ratio, frequency of tweet updates and your twitter engagement.

tweet grader by hubspot

Crowdbooster is a great little tool which analyses your tweets and emails you which tweet did best and what is the best time to schedule your next tweets.

crowdbooster tweet reach impressions analytics

crowdbooster twitter influential followers stats

Tweet Reach  measures the impact of social media conversations by URL, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag. This can be very powerful if you are using a specific hashtag often or are tracking a campaign.

tweet reach

TweepsMap is a cool tool that shows you where the greatest percentage of your followers are in the world on a map and also in list form with a pie chart

tweepsmap geographic map of your twitter followers

MentionMapp designs a cool graphic out of the tweets, replies and re-tweets of your Twitter account or a hashtag or phrase mentioned on Twitter, then you can see how those relate to other people or topics and help you build a visual picture of relationships and possible connections

mentionmapp twitter users and hashtag mapping

Twilert enables you to get an email alert of any keyword, brand mention, hashtag and so forth and also more advanced by location, people etc

twilert email alerts on brand or keywords and hashtags

Tweetstats compiles a bar graph for quick viewing of your monthly stats or Twitter campaign. You can also view your tweet cloud or hashtag cloud

tweet stats and visual tweet cloud and hashtag cloud

Twenty Feet is a simple analytics tool that tracks your Twitter mentions, followers, re-tweets, and more and presents them in graphs

twenty feet social media metrics and stats in graphs

Simply Measured provides information on how far messages are travelling on Twitter. It is a paid for analytics tool but you can get a lots of free reports here

Klout measures your influence, on what subjects you are influential and where you stand against the competition.

There are also many Social Media Management Tools and Social CRMs which you can use to monitor, track and measure your Twitter activity along with other Social Networks.

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