How to Connect with People on LinkedIn

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This is Part 3 in my series on Using LinkedIn for Business which focuses on:

  • suggestions of who to connect with on LinkedIn
  • simple ways to find connections on LinkedIn
  • the best way to invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn
  • how to connect with people who are outside of your network on LinkedIn

suggestions of who to connect with on LinkedInSuggestions of who to connect with on LinkedIn

Click on your home page in the menu at the top left of your page.

In the right column are suggestions on people you may know that you could connect with.

Below that is listed the people who have viewed your profile, so you can then perhaps invite them to connect with you.

Once you have connected with people you will see their updates in the left column of the home page on LinkedIn. So now you can begin engaging with them by liking, commenting on or sharing their posts – start networking!

finding people on linkedinSearching for people or companies on LinkedIn

In the top right of your page you can choose what you want to search for so you can select people, groups, jobs, company and so on and then enter the name in the search box.

Suggestions will automatically pop up, however if you don’t find who or what you are looking for then hit ENTER and on the next page you can narrow down you search by companies, location, industry, groups and so forth.

The best way to connect with people on LinkedIn

Rather than just hitting connect using your phone or table app or the Connect button on the People You May Know page, go to the person’s profile and click on the Connect button.

You will then get the option to Invite the person to connect and you can choose from a number of options such as “we’ve done business together” or “groups” and so forth.

In the personal note, instead of sending the invite with the standard message, customise the message and make it personal and targeted, for example:

Dear …

It was lovely to meet you at … I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn …..

Kind regards ….

Connecting with people who are out of your network on LinkedIn

DID YOU KNOW: If you are a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them. Group members are also able to view the profiles of other members of the same group without being connected. So start joining more groups so you can connect with more people!

Your alternative for connecting with people that you don’t know or those people who are out of your network on LinkedIn, is to upgrade to the LinkedIn Premium Account.

What next?

Have you signed up to LinkedIn yet? No? Then sign up now – and visit our blog on reasons and benefits as to why you should be on LinkedIn. If you have already set up a profile on LinkedIn then you may want to take a look at our previous blog on how to optimise your personal profile on LinkedIn.

We would love to hear your comments and feedback and ideas you have for connecting with people on LinkedIn. Let us know in the comments section below.

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