Getting Creative With Your Out of Office Email Auto Responder

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How do you set up your out of office auto reply? Do you just leave it blank or say something like “Hello, I am out of the office and will respond to you upon my return?”

Well people you are missing out on a great opportunity to have a call to action in your email auto response!

Get creative and use this opportunity – it only takes a minute to add something in that could lead to a new business or sale! It did for us…

Some examples of what you could include in your email auto responder:

1. Are you heading out to an event? Add in the place you are going with a link to their website or social media page. If you are at a consumer or trade show then why not say what stand number you are on or how they can get in touch with you to meet up with you there?

2. If you are going to a meeting why not mention the client (if it is not confidential) and include a link to their website – give your client or prospective client a bit of free promotion!

3. How about featuring your latest blog post or news? It could be something of value to those who email you or something you have been up to lately which shows what your business is about.

4. You could feature your latest special offer or a promotion or competition you are running!

5. Perhaps you can tell people about what you have been working on and showcase some of your latest work.

6. Feature your new products – your current clients may likely be emailing you so in this way you are letting them know what else you offer besides what you have already provided them – great to client retention!

Even if the above do not apply to those emailing you, they may know someone who it does apply to or may be of interest to. So what have you got to lose? Just don’t lose and waste the opportunity!

For example:

call to action on your email out of office

Here is some html code you can add to your out of office email to get started. Just replace where the red text is.

<table width=”403″ border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
<td width=”403″ valign=”top”><p>Hello! I am out of the office at an event with <a href=””>The Event</a></p>

<p>I will respond to your email as soon as I return. If the matter is urgent please call … </p>

<p>In the meantime you can mull over our SPECIAL OFFER / LATEST NEWS below! Insert more text here … </p>

<p>Warm regards,<br />
Your Name</p>


<a href=”mailto: Special Offer” target=”_blank”><img src=”” width=”403″ height=”403″ alt=”Company Special Offer” /></a>



Another option – instead of linking to an email as in the above html code, you can link to a website instead, for example:

<a href=”mailto: Special Offer” target=”_blank”>

replace with <a href=””>

You need to host the image somewhere

You will need to upload the image you use to somewhere on your hosting or use an image link from an existing image on your website – just go to the image on your website and right click on the image and choose VIEW IMAGE and then copy the link from the website link bar.

Can you think of other creative ways to use your out of office email autoresponder?

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