Digital communication agency working with PR agencies

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As a digital communication agency, we have delivered a lot of varied services to a multitude of different clients. These services cover the full spectrum; website design and build, marketing strategy, social strategy, brand, digital design, SEO and PPC, design for print, and so on.

Mamba Media markets itself as a full service digital communications agency and we deliver according to a client brief and obviously add as much value as we can for our clients. The one thing that we have never done in-house is copy writing and PR, it’s just not really our thing. We have worked with PR agencies, especially when we had a lot of tourism clients but it was always at arms length. Them doing what they do and us doing what we do. That was until very recently!

We had a huge opportunity to work with award winning Capella PR base in London. They asked us to come in and plan and present a series of internal training courses for their team. What could a digital communications agency possibly be able to teach a PR agency? To work that out we needed to work out the relationship first. PR and digital agencies have been sitting on opposite sides of a fence, throwing work over at each other, without really getting a grip on what was happening on the other side of the fence. It was all a bit foreign and in most cases confusing. The language was different for a start, as were the terminology, the processes, the delivery ….. well most things. So what were we going to teach them, well it was simple really.

We were going to teach them how a digital agency spoke and communicated, we were going to teach them what 404, W3C, and XML meant. More importantly we were going to put it all into context.

We came up with a 3 part programme that consisted of:

  1. Industry Acronyms
  2. Project lifecycle – Web Development
  3. Live examples

We figured that if we gave them a master document of the industry lingo, then showed them how it fitted into a project timeline and then rounded off with some ideas that they could offer to their clients, it could only be good. So thats what we did. We went in-house with them and had a hugely successful day.

Capella PR project managers can now sit with their clients and have a much better idea of what is possible in terms of creative delivery, from campaign micro-sites, dynamic calculators, interactive maps and mobile apps. Their offering and worth to their clients has been strengthened which helps to tighten the relationship. They are better equipped to manage digital projects because they understand the language and can relate this back to their clients. Finally, they know what a GUI (GOO-ey) is. Super.

Digital agencies and PR agencies working more closely together is a great thing, especially when it comes to delivering marveously creative, truly enhanced, superbly content rich and minutely trackable campaigns for clients.

As a taster here is the Mamba Media digital and PR agency acronym presentation – Download as a PDF

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