A Simple 7 Step Social Media Strategy

Karen BlackSocial Marketing26 Comments

1. Set your goals:

  • Set your goals and priorities
  • Create a list of top things you want to achieve e.g. increase new sales by 15%, increase business with existing customers by 30%; increase profit margins by 20%
  • Existing customers: stay in their minds, engage with them and inform them of new products
  • New customers: send out good content, network, email marketing, use social media to share and increase referrals and word of mouth
  • Profit: use social media for cost effective marketing and look at ways to increase ROI

2. Choose your marketing methods:

  • SEO – look at Blogs, Video Marketing and Google+
  • Networking- through linked in, social networks, events
  • Mix Social with other Marketing Methods
  • Launch promotions and giveaways
  • Look at ways social media can support your marketing plans

3. Find out where your customers are

  • Find out where your customers are hanging out – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc
  • Focus on those targeted places – if you haven’t the resources don’t try and do everything – focus on those that matter

4. Create a calendar and set aside a budget

  • Set up an editorial calendar
  • Set aside some time each day to deal with social media
  • Set aside budget – if social media is part of your marketing plan then make sure you budget and you have the resources – it may be free but it takes time and that means money

5. Manage and monitor

  • Use tools such as Hootsuite to help you monitor and manage social media
  • Make sure you respond and engage – people want to see that you are human!
  • Don’t just set it and forget it – be consistent and respond in a timely manner
  • Be consistent – dont’ post once then leave it for 2 weeks or longer – you may lose all those followers you had!
  • Use a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) or Social CRM

6. Delegate:

  • Set up a company policy
  • Train staff or outsource to an agency as long as your message is clear and it is being done effectively
  • Make sure there is someone who oversees everything

7. Integrate & Measure:

  • Integrate links for social neworks into your website, blogs, email marketing and across other social networks
  • Set up an ROI plan – set goals, budget, measure, compare
  • Use measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights

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