8 Of The Best Afternoon Tea Locations From Around The World

Robin CormackTravel Tips24 Comments

High Tea has its roots in the working classes of the UK. Factory workers would arrive home at 6pm and would be famished. High Tea evolved from this early evening meal. High Tea or Afternoon Tea is now offered by hundreds of well healed establishments from around the world and some travellers make pilgrimages to certain locations to experience a … Read More

10 Great Travel Uses For Pantyhose

Karen BlackTravel Tips2 Comments

Fan belt – ok it does not work on all cars and is not highly recommended but I have seen it done in Africa (by the way the car did catch fire!) Blister stopper – Cut the feet off of a pair of pantyhose at the ankles and wear them under your socks. They’ll help cut down on the friction … Read More

How to Survive a Croc Attack!

Robin CormackTravel Tips17 Comments

Having spent 7 years living in close proximity and on the banks of the Zambezi River, I know only too well of the dangers of Crocodiles. We were always aware of their presence, even more so when picnicking on Chundu Island. You have to of course be careful in any wilderness environment, keep your wits about you and follow the … Read More

It’s Kicking Off Again In Vic Falls Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls-based tourism company, Shearwater Adventures, has revealed that it is planning a new $6m (R41m) project outside the Victoria Falls rainforest, near the World Heritage Site’s VIP entrance. The new development should replace the current restaurant, which Shearwater built earlier this year within the rainforest. The current Shearwater restaurant at Victoria Falls caused an uproar last month when the … Read More