Building Your Reach and Followers on Twitter

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This is the third part in our series on How to Twitter where we discuss ways to build your reach and awareness on Twitter and ways you can increase your followers.

Attract high quality followers

Attracting high quality followers will improve your rankings and likelihood of getting noticed.

Use keywords

Use keywords in your posts to help boost your SEO or be found in search engines – but use sparingly.


Promote your Twitter account everywhere! – on your website, your blog, adverts, signage, business cards, emails, other social sites – include the “follow button” where you can to make it easy for people to connect with you on Twitter.

Post valuable Content

Post valuable and educational content that has the potential to attract more fans and followers. People follow brands in social media because they’re looking for something useful, not because they want to know about how great your products and services are!

Enable social share

Add social sharing buttons (for example “tweet this” “share to facebook” etc) to all your content so that when people visit your website or blog or receive your newsletter they can easily share your content on to their networks.

Engage with your target audience

Find, follow and build relationships with people in your industry and your target customers.


Interact with your followers – ask questions, be engaging, and participate in discussions to create a presence worth following.

Offer incentives

For example create an offer available only to Twitter followers that can’t be obtained elsewhere. Make it so that users need to follow you in order to receive specific perks.

Add your twitter feed to your website and blog

Include feeds on your website and blog so people can see what you tweet about and start to engage with you without having to leave your site.

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