How Travel Brands Are Using Social Media to Achieve ROI

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Most travel companies spend less than 25% of their marketing budget on social media. 61% say they will increase social marketing spend. Travel companies are more active on Facebook than any other social media sites. Youtube is popular among cruise companies. Travel marketers surveyed found that using social media reduced PR costs by 24% For more information and statistics click … Read More

A Simple 7 Step Social Media Strategy

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1. Set your goals: Set your goals and priorities Create a list of top things you want to achieve e.g. increase new sales by 15%, increase business with existing customers by 30%; increase profit margins by 20% Existing customers: stay in their minds, engage with them and inform them of new products New customers: send out good content, network, email … Read More

7 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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Show the “Real You” Keep your posts interesting, humorous, different and authentic Gather leads from landing pages Create a landing page with an email sign up either on Facebook or on your website. Offer something in return if you want people to “like” your page or sign up Brand your accounts Brand your Social Media accounts with covers and backgrounds … Read More

Why And How To Use LinkedIn Company Pages

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With new changes companies can now update their individual company pages to enable their followers to receive updates and insights about company news, showcase your thought leadership and expand your business. Your LinkedIn company page will also be indexed by search engines, which can provide more awareness for you and traffic to your business. Just like people follow Facebook Business … Read More

When Is The Best Time To Send Out Emails?

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There are certain times of the day which are no-no’s and certain days when your email is likely to go straight to the trash folder! It can vary from B2B to B2C, what you email about or the industry you are… in but hopefully this will give you a general view and a starting point. To get optimum results you … Read More

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

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Choosing the right domain name should be an essential part of any business marketing plan. Get it wrong and you could be sending your potential customers to the competition! Before you head to the online registrar, here are some of the most important things you need to know: 1. Use your business name – That is, of course, if it’s … Read More