Using Hashtags and Twitter Chat

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Trending hashtags If you see a trending hashtag (#) that is “relevant” to your tweet, include it in your updates to gain further reach. This will allow your tweets to reach anyone who is looking at tweets for that particular hashtag. Relevant hashtags Look at hashtags that are relevant to your business – see what hashtags people are using in … Read More

Building Your Reach and Followers on Twitter

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This is the third part in our series on How to Twitter where we discuss ways to build your reach and awareness on Twitter and ways you can increase your followers. Attract high quality followers Attracting high quality followers will improve your rankings and likelihood of getting noticed. Use keywords Use keywords in your posts to help boost your SEO … Read More

How And What To Post On Twitter

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If you are new to the Twittershere, then take a look at our previous blog How to Set Up and Optimise Your Twitter Page. Once you have set up your account then you can take a look here for the basics on how to post a tweet. Retweet (RT) safe zone When someone shares your tweet via “RT @username,” you … Read More

How to Set Up and Optimise Your Twitter Page

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When you set up your Twitter account it is really important that you optimise it – not only will this help with your rankings in search results – but it will also ensure consistency for your brand and ensure potential followers have come to the right place. Your photo or logo Use a good quality photo or logo as your … Read More

7 Easy LinkedIn Tips to Grow Your Business & Network

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Below I have listed some key things you need to think about when filling out your profile on LinkedIn and also a few tips and tricks to build and expand your LinkedIn Network. However first of all I think it is key to have a properly filled out profile if you wish to connect with people and gain people’s trust. … Read More

7 Tips To Help Improve Twitter Management

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Do you need help trying to manage your Twitter account more effectively? Read on for some tips that will help you to free up some time, get more Mentions and Retweets and improve your social media engagement. #1. Setting Up Lists in Twitter Set up lists to control what you view and who to target so it is easier to … Read More

How Travel Brands Are Using Social Media to Achieve ROI

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Most travel companies spend less than 25% of their marketing budget on social media. 61% say they will increase social marketing spend. Travel companies are more active on Facebook than any other social media sites. Youtube is popular among cruise companies. Travel marketers surveyed found that using social media reduced PR costs by 24% For more information and statistics click … Read More

A Simple 7 Step Social Media Strategy

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1. Set your goals: Set your goals and priorities Create a list of top things you want to achieve e.g. increase new sales by 15%, increase business with existing customers by 30%; increase profit margins by 20% Existing customers: stay in their minds, engage with them and inform them of new products New customers: send out good content, network, email … Read More

Video Marketing For Business

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Video can communicate what words and images cannot. Video is hugely popular – according to YouTube over 3 billion videos are viewed a day and more than half of daily internet users will watch a video of some sort – so businesses need to be getting their share. You can increase user interaction on your website by using video and … Read More