14 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn Tips and Tricks I have listed some key social media tips and tricks to get you going on on the social networks and improve your marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. You can also take a look at the presentation that follows which gives you a visual view of the points I mention below along with … Read More

The Bluffer’s Guide to Digital Marketing

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You often hear marketers talk about ‘digital marketing’. But what actually is it and where should you start? Let’s have a look… Digital marketing Digital marketing includes lots of different ways of getting your business out there and speaking to your potential customers, including: PR – promoting your company through online and offline media Online branding – building and strengthening … Read More

How To Convince Your Boss To Do Social Media

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Social Media can be used to engage consumers as more and more shoppers go on-line to browse and shop. You can manage a crisis and respond to negative comments by monitoring what is being said about your business. Social media can be used to establish yourself as an authority in your particular industry and build trust with potential customers by sharing … Read More

Tips On What You Can And Should Not Blog About

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Think about how you want to help people and try and focus your blog topics to help your audience. For example: You could teach something – offer knowledge and how to’s Write about the latest news and developments related to your business industry or topic Include humour in your blogs or funny pictures or videos as a way to present … Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Is More Important Than Social Media

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We are not saying here that you should not use other social media platforms, you must absolutely! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platforms offer you an outlet to post your content and reach your audience and get awareness for your business. However the most important assets of your business are your website and your blog because … Read More

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Agency

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As agencies, we’re often brought in by clients for our specific skillset – whether it is for branding, PR & marketing communications, social media or SEO – to them build and grow their business.  Sadly in our industry we often hear stories of where the client-agency relationship has soured and has resulted in disappointment.

The Best Way To Set Up Your Blog

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Should I set up my site on Blogger or WordPress.com or as part of my website? In other words should you set up a blog that is separate from your website or not? Please give it some careful thought before you launch! Often people head straight over to a platform like Blogger or WordPress.com and set up blog on there for … Read More

Blogging’s Impact on Marketing and Social Media

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Customers are searching for answers to their questions and use blogs for research, to share ideas and ask for recommendations. To improve your marketing, social media and seo efforts, you need good and regular content. One of the easiest ways you can add content to improve your website rankings is to blog regularly. You can then use the content for … Read More