When Is The Best Time To Send Out Emails?

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There are certain times of the day which are no-no’s and certain days when your email is likely to go straight to the trash folder! It can vary from B2B to B2C, what you email about or the industry you are… in but hopefully this will give you a general view and a starting point. To get optimum results you will have to put it to test and see for yourself!

Best Time and Day of Week or Time of Month to Send out an Email:

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B2B and B2C best day of week and time of month to send emails

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Is my email going to be read? Are people reading it?

To ensure you even get a look in, you need to make sure:

  • the email is eye-catching
  • the content is interesting and engaging
  • the subject line is enticing (make sure it relates to what is in the email though or you will put people off reading your future emails or they may unsubscribe)
  • try keep the email short (you can always link to your website to read more – and in this way you can also measure who clicks on what content so you can be more targeted in future emails)
  • many people have their images turned off in their email client so if your email is made up of only images it is likely to be deleted – try mix and match with text so people get a feel for what the email is about

Use an Online Mailer:

  • this will not only give you tracking and reporting but you are also able to schedule the sending of emails – for example sending at different times to those in different countries
  • your content is more likely to be seen properly (right layout, font and format) when it lands in people’s inboxes
  • it is also more likely to be delivered and not to end up in the junk folder of the recipient as many of the online mailing companies are white listed with ISPs

We would love to hear from you about what works best for you? What sort of open rates you get and any tips you can share!


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