Attract, Retain, Convert, Measure – Selling with Social Media

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Finding your way through the haze of social media can be daunting and you may often you wonder “what am I getting out of it?” If you follow the steps below, we hope this should help you to improve your social networking and start seeing some return on investment.

1. Attract

  • Create interesting blog posts and videos
  • Have a content strategy
  • Customise and brand your profiles to help build trust with your audience
  • Be consistent to build credibility and expertise over time
  • Become more active on Social Networks and Linked In groups
  • Create links back to your website without being salesy

2. Retain

  • Use targeted email marketing as well as social media
  • Make it easy for someone to engage you in your social media activities from all the pages in your site
  • Continue to engage with those that like, follow and subscribe on your website
  • Make sure you always provide VALUE to your customer or they will unlike or unsubscribe

3. Convert

  • Use social media as a lead generation tool for business
  • Blogs and video work well with many companies to convert sales
  • Give people an option to “buy” or fill out a form

4. Measure

  • Use a tool such as the free Google Analytics to give you an insight into where your web traffic is coming from
  • Use the free analytics plug-ins on Blogs, Facebook Insights and Youtube analytics to monitor engagements, clicks etc
  • Use a URL shortener such as to track all your URLs used in social media, blogs etc to see which get the most clicks
  • Measuring the results of your social media activity is easy if you use some free and inexpensive tools to track traffic and conversions at your website.

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