A Few Little Social Media Tricks

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Here are a few little social media tricks I have put together .. all in the spirit of Halloween!

1. Everyone loves a recommendation and mention

When you mention, tag, comment or like someones’ social media post, you are starting to engage with them. By engaging or recommending someone’s post and sharing it with your audience, you start to build connections and relationships.

It is also likely that if you mention someone they will also then ReTweet or Share that mention with their audience. This gives you exposure to a new audience and potential customers.

On Twitter, why not try posting:
“This article [topic] from [@username] is really worth a read” or something similar.

2. Post on social media out of normal office hours

BuddyMedia study said publishers get 29% more engagement from their followers when they tweet on Saturdays.

Many people are more active on social networks out of hours, so don’t just focus on posting during the week only and during the day only – you may be missing out on many opportunities to engage with your audience!

3. Use keywords in your posts

Find out what keywords are driving people to your website and include those in your social media posts.

However try not to overload your social media posts with keywords to the point that what you are saying does not appeal to your audience or make any sense.

4. Show someone how to use social media

Show someone the ropes and educate them on social media – become a thought leader! The chances are they will then tell other people about you.

By mentoring someone on how to use social media, it is likely they will recommend you to others and so get business coming your way.

Happy Halloween!

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