7 Tips To Help Improve Twitter Management

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Do you need help trying to manage your Twitter account more effectively? Read on for some tips that will help you to free up some time, get more Mentions and Retweets and improve your social media engagement.

#1. Setting Up Lists in Twitter

Set up lists to control what you view and who to target so it is easier to manage – Click on “Lists” and “Create a List” and then make your list – you can choose to make it private or public.

Add whoever you want to that list when you start to follow them or click on “Following” and go to add each to a list as per below.

how to add people to a twitter list

#2. Using Tools to Manage Your Social Media

I personally use Hootsuite and also have it set it up on my Phone so I can easily check through tweets at any time – however there are many out there – Tweetdeck is another popular one. Using these tools you can schedule updates and also sort lists into columns along with your LinkedIn and Facebook feeds.

using hootsuite to manage your social media

#3. Improve Your Bio

Ensure your About Us section is fully optimised and can include keywords or # to show what you do and with a link to your website to show you are a REAL person! And make sure you have a picture in your Profile – don’t leave the default egg picture or people will think you are fake!

#4. Keep Your Tweets Short and Interesting

A tweet has a maximum number of 140 characters so it must be catchy. You can always link to read more or see an image or video. Try and keep at least 17 characters free so that if people Retweet it they can add in a little note to their followers.

h2>#5. Start Following People or Companies

Follow people or companies you are interested in and want to interact with and engage with them – not in a spammy way though by constantly harassing them and don’t try and sell to them!

#6. Share and Mention

Share the love! Be helpful, retweet, mention people and connect people up where you think they may have a collaboration for example @… I see you are looking for a great hotel in … you may want to check out @…. Do a #ff – follow friday – or other telling your followers who you recommend to follow. If you do all this you will often find the favour returned!

#7. Find influencers to reach new fans

Influencer marketing is exploding, and with tools like Grin, it’s really easy to find influencers, outreach to them and setup campaigns. Campaigns that promote your social accounts, products or services through influencers are a great way to reach new consumers in a credible way.

#8. Thank People

Thank people when they follow or mention you and return the favour by putting out to your followers what they do or retweet them for example check out these

This is after all social “networking” so it goes without saying to be polite!

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