7 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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ZeusShow the “Real You”

Keep your posts interesting, humorous, different and authentic

Gather leads from landing pages

Create a landing page with an email sign up either on Facebook or on your website. Offer something in return if you want people to “like” your page or sign up

Brand your accounts

Brand your Social Media accounts with covers and backgrounds to fit in with your current promotions

Increase your followers

Follow those accounts that you would like to follow you in return

Use video

Use more video content to improve interaction and drive traffic to your site. It could be about a product, service or testimonials – try keep under 3 mins

Interact and engage

Interact with clients and potential clients on the social networks – monitor them and serve their needs or mention them every now and again

Create great content

Develop interesting and valuable content such as how-to tips and secrets that are likely to be shared

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